Incredible Lakes to Visit in the United States

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These are some of the most incredible lakes to visit in the United States, which is saying something, considering how many there are in the country.

If you’re planning a getaway for yourself and a group of family or friends, you should consider spending an afternoon relaxing and having fun at one of the United States’ many beautiful lakes. Due to how many lakes there are in the country, finding the best one for your trip can be pretty tough. To help you narrow down the search, we’ve put together this guide to four of the most incredible lakes to visit in the United States.

Lake McConaughy — Nebraska

This famous lake is for more than just big fans of The Lincoln Lawyer. Lake McConaughy is the perfect area in Nebraska for swimming, fishing, and boating. Plus, as you bask in the sun on the beach, you’ll be able to experience one of the lake’s biggest attractions—the beautiful white sand, which makes it stand out from many other beaches across the country.

Lake Michigan — Illinois

The waves of Lake Michigan, one of five Great Lakes in North America, wash up on the shores of downtown Chicago. You’ll not only have access to the vast downtown area, but also plenty to do at the lake, from taking a boat or some jet skis onto the water to having fun on the beach with a game of volleyball.

Lake Tahoe — California/Nevada

This iconic body of water sits in between California and Nevada. It has a reputation due to its crystal-clear waters, which are worth the visit alone. However, its reputation also comes from its surroundings—beautiful mountain ranges that make the perfect place for skiing when you’re not sailing on or swimming in the water.

Lake Travis — Texas

Home to Devil’s Cove, Lake Travis is one of Texas’ most iconic party destinations. In fact, it’s Texas’ most popular lake for visitors thanks to its beauty and exciting atmosphere. That exciting atmosphere comes not only from the presence of Devil’s Cove, but also from the fact that Lake Travis is merely 22 miles away from the city of Austin.

Whichever destination you choose, spending an afternoon at just one of these incredible lakes to visit in the United States will provide you and your group with a day to remember.


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