Yes, my friends. It is the July 4th holiday and time once again to blow out the candles. To celebrate a country where even the jerks can make all the money they want. Where getting fired usually leads to a salary increase 9 out of 10 times. Where a piece of plastic positions you right up there with the big boys. I could go on for hours but suffice it to say, Only in America.

With no intention of throwing a wet blanket on the festivities of this past week, I would like to remind InSite readers that along with the balloons and noise makers, it happens to be half time. Yep. Half the year is dust. Gonzo. Yesterdays news. Nothing but a memory. Six months of history that you can do nothing about.

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So, how did you do? How do you feel? You ready for more of the same, or do you think it is time for a mild adjustment to your marketing carburetor? Could you use a little more gas this time around or a little more oxygen? Is the mixture right or do you need a little something of something else?

Just remember you can take this next sentence to the bank. More of the same is going to bring you more of the same. If this is good, good. If this thought finds you gasping for air, you have six months to make the appropriate corrections.

Although I tried, I cannot remain in this rhetorical mode July 4th or no July 4th.

For the next 180 days, lets make up our collective minds to throw ourselves into gear. Grab one final piece of cake and then lets get back to business. Not by becoming mindless workaholics, but by becoming more customer focused and by utilizing the talents we have been given. By having more fun trying more new things. For the next 180 days, or $1.25 million, whichever comes first, I want you to get out into your marketplace and start having more fun. You heard me. FUN. Everything else will fall into place.

And remember, if you cannot make it in America, we need to talk. I am Mike Marchev and this is my story today and I am sticking to it. Contact me at