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Discover the storybook resort Ancient Lore Village and immerse in a world where benevolence reigns supreme

Cradled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, is a utopian world steeped in whimsical allure. Ancient Lore Village, a boutique resort and event venue, creates real-life fairytales and fantasy group experiences. But the story goes much deeper than that.

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Once upon a time, Tom Boyd set out on a campaign trail through Tennessee and encountered many diverse people. He also ascertained the vast hatred and intolerance among them. Boyd wrote about it to change people’s misconceptions, creating diverse realms and characters that coexist harmoniously. His story, “Bokee’s Trek: Outcasts to Inner Earth,” is brought to life at Ancient Lore Village to promote empathy and virtue while bringing people together in celebration.

Ancient Lore Village’s ethos revolves around this idea, creating an ambiance that transcends conventional resorts.

Now a thriving reality in Knoxville, TN, Ancient Lore Village is a one-of-a-kind destination created from Boyd’s literary vision. The magical venue hosts various events, including fairytale weddings, executive retreats, private parties, group tours, special celebrations, among others. The enchanting Village goes beyond mere hospitality; it is a living embodiment of Boyd’s dream and a testament to goodwill.

Choose from luxury overnight accommodations like themed rooms

Ancient Lore Village’s ethos revolves around this idea, creating an ambiance that transcends conventional resorts. Groups can stay at the Village, participate in immersive tours and enjoy exquisite food and ethereal amenities.

Choose from luxury overnight accommodations like fancifully themed rooms, magical tree houses, and underground homes. On-site amenities include a 40-foot cascading waterfall, an archery and axe-throwing range, and an outdoor game yard featuring oversized lawn pawns. In addition, explore miles of walking trails, picnic and firepit areas, a croquet course, a fireside grill and more. Feast on delicious cuisine prepared by Village chefs, which can be delivered anywhere on the property.

Disconnect from the chaos of life and gather in harmony with old friends and new at Ancient Lore Village in beautiful Knoxville, TN.

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