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Traveling through Africa can seem like an impossible dream for many. But with the support of Collette, these travel goals can become a reality

Africa is one of those “bucket list” destinations that seems unreachable for many folks. Aside from the distance and the expense, there is a long list of perceived snags: language barriers, unfamiliar transportation systems, cultural differences, currency exchange, vaccinations. Yet, the same people who sit at home worrying about these things are the ones who have “Go on Safari,”’ “See Victoria Falls” and “Ride an Elephant” writ large on their list of lifetime adventures. Enter, tour operator Collette.

Both as travelers and as group travel organizers, it’s good to remember that we can partner with tour companies that handle all the destination-side logistics. These companies often offer a more affordable package of travel highlights than what solo travelers could wrangle on their own terms. Let’s look at a couple of bucket-list-worthy itineraries from the premier tour operator Collette as an example of what a few weeks can do to satisfy once-in-a-lifetime travel wishes.

Collette’s Spectacular South Africa: Two Weeks of the Best of Southern Africa

Africa tours with Collette

Cape Town

Mention African travel and people automatically imagine exotic safaris, inspiring scenery and luxurious surroundings under wide-open skies. This 14-day itinerary combines both the iconic African experience with the sophistication of South Africa’s restaurants, vineyards, cultural diversity and historical highlights. Included are stops in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sandton, Kruger National Park, Stellenbosch and Victoria Falls on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. The itinerary can be customized by adding days at the beginning or end of your stay.

Sample Itinerary: After an overnight flight, groups arrive in the city of Sandton, near Johannesburg, and learn about the language and culture of the area. The following three days are spent in and around Kruger National Park, including a day-long, open-air safari. From Kruger, it’s on to the resort town of Knysna in the heart of the Garden Route. Located on the coast, Knysna is your gateway to the natural beauty of South Africa. Groups then travel back to Cape Town by way of Stellenbosch, one of the oldest European settlements in South Africa. The remainder of the trip is spent exploring Cape Town with an optional extension to the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Exploring South Africa, Victoria Falls & Botswana With Collette

Africa tours with Collette

Victoria Falls

If you have an adventurous group, this active, safari-centered 15-day tour (including travel time) will fit the bill.  It focuses on seven game drives that span three countries, a national park and a private game reserve. There’s also free time around the Cape Town region that guests can use to explore the area’s wine, food and culture. The tour can be extended by buying pre- or post-trip additions.

Sample Itinerary: After an overnight flight, guests spend the day in Johannesburg getting settled and taking in the sites. Then it’s on to Pilanesberg National Park for three days as you search for the “Big 5” on safari, followed by a journey to the magnificent Victoria Falls on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. From there you’re off to Chobe National Park to learn about traditional ways of life and take in the surrounding beauty and wildlife on a safari cruise. Then take in the spectacular South African wine country with a 2-day stay in Stellenbosch before making your way to Cape Town for four days of local exploration to complete your journey.

The tours above are just a few of the incredible Africa tours offered by Collette. Tours have long been a favorite way for busy travelers to see a lot in a short time – or for timid tourists to get out and see the places they’ve been dreaming of. With a combination of free time, planned activities and themed adventures, these tours can make African travel a reality.

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