When you’re packing for an extended family vacation with kids, don’t give in to the urge to double what you think they will need. For example, think about diapers. Yes, babies need them, and they go through lots of diapers, but those packages of diapers take up lots of space. Instead of trying to cram a bunch of diapers into your luggage, just plan to buy some when you reach your destination. Better yet, ship them ahead to where you’ll be staying, so you don’t even have to worry about it when you arrive. Here are some easy ways to pack lighter when you have kids.

Pack swaddle blankets

Babies and toddlers will feel more secure if you bring their favorite blanket. Swaddle your infant so she feels safe and cozy, and sleeps well in her new environment. Swaddle blankets double as a light coverlet for a toddler or preschooler, will keep your lap cozy in the car or plane, and can be used as a playmat, changing pad or a privacy throw for feeding baby. They easily roll and fit in a diaper baby, and with so many uses, they are a must have for traveling with baby.

Keep the clothes to a minimum

Your child won’t need extra outfits for every day you’ll be gone. An extra set of clothes is an excellent plan, and maybe a couple extra pairs of underwear, but doubling up their clothing supplies will take up more room than you’d expect. If you run into trouble where you’re going through clothes at an unexpected clip, find a place to wash what you’ve brought or purchase inexpensive items while you’re on the go. You also may be able to wash your clothes in the sink, depending on your accommodations.

Don’t bring tons of toys

Toys or other distractions can come in very handy when you’re actually traveling to your destination, but you’re not going to need to pack a ton of items to play with once you’re there. Kids can and will be entertained by their new surroundings, whether they’re in a tent or a hotel room, so leave the extras behind.

Have your kids pack their own stuff

Once they’re old enough, your kids can pack their own bags with the warning that they’ll also need to carry them. This will not only lighten your own load, but theirs as well, once they consider how quickly a bag can fill up. Once they pare down what they think they really need, they’ll be good to go. Follow these easy ways to pack lighter when you have kids for a more stree-free vacation.