Travel groups looking to experience a fun Disney Broadway show have some great options, along with some truly talented performers to see

Surrounded by Times Square’s lights and skyscrapers, Broadway is an incomparable destination for top-tier theatre, offering a diverse array of productions, from timeless classics to the latest sensations. But what happens when Broadway collides with the enchanting world of Disney? Since the 1990s, Disney has woven its tales into the fabric of Broadway, giving rise to the Disney on Broadway phenomenon. This collaboration has birthed some of Broadway’s most beloved, best-selling, and longest-running shows, bringing classic tales to life through inspiring performances and unforgettable melodies.

Some notable adaptations from Disney’s repertoire are The Lion KingBeauty and the BeastFrozen, and Aladdin. These productions combine Disney’s storytelling prowess and Broadway’s dynamic performance style, bringing beloved animated stories to vibrant life on stage.

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Acquired by Disney in 1997, the New Amsterdam Theatre is a testament to Broadway’s history and Disney’s enchanting presence. Disney didn’t merely invest in the theatre; they transformed it into a beacon for fans worldwide. Currently home to Aladdin, the New Amsterdam was also home to the iconic production of Mary Poppins.

Part of Disney’s theatrical success lies in the continuing talent exchange between Broadway performers and Disney animated films. From Idina Menzel, the original Elphaba in Wicked, and the voice of Elsa in Frozen, to Lin-Manuel Miranda, known for his work on Hamilton (Broadway) and Moana (Disney), these performers bring out the best in their characters, regardless if it’s a screen or a stage, enchanting audiences with their talent and charisma.

The Broadway-Disney partnership is more than a commercial endeavor; it merges two worlds that cherish storytelling, emotion, and the power of music and performance. This fusion manifests in unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences of all ages, inviting them into worlds of fantasy and wonder. To help you plan your upcoming journey, let’s explore the current Disney on Broadway shows awaiting your group this season!

Tshidi Manye as Rafiki and Ensemble in the Lion King on Broadway. Photo by Joan Marcus

Tshidi Manye as Rafiki and Ensemble in the Lion King on Broadway. Photo by Joan Marcus

Current Disney Broadway Shows

The Lion King: A Majestic Journey to Pride Rock

The Lion King is another theatrical masterpiece that has impressed audiences for over two decades. With a TonyⓇ Award-decorated history and a global audience exceeding 100 million, the show’s transition from screen to stage is a mesmerizing spectacle.

Collaborating with the talented Disney team to preserve the essence of the story while bringing it to life in a new medium, the Broadway show exceeded all expectations and became a sensation in its own right. Julie Taymor directed the musical and designed its key visual elements, like animalistic masks, African-inspired costumes, and ahead-of-its-time puppetry, received massive acclaim and two TonyⓇ Awards – for Direction of a Musical and Best Costume Design.

Aladdin: A Magical Adventure Awaits

At its core, The Lion King explores themes of responsibility, bravery, and the cyclical nature of life, providing audiences with thought-provoking narratives and visually stunning performances. From Elton John’s timeless music to Tim Rice’s profound lyrics dealing with the philosophy of the circle of life, every aspect of the show enchants and inspires, making it a must-see for all seeking unforgettable experiences.

Aladdin brings the enchanting tale of a street-smart young man and his magical adventures to the Broadway stage. The narrative unfolds into a visual masterpiece with Disney’s guidance, impressing audiences with its grandeur and technological marvels, like the famous carpet ride moment.

At its heart, Aladdin is a story of friendship, honesty, and self-discovery, offering leisure groups a journey filled with laughter, wonder, and timeless wisdom perfect for all ages. From lavish sets and costumes to high-tech visual effects and grand ensemble numbers, every aspect of the production dazzles and delights, ensuring an unforgettable experience for travelers with various goals for the theatre visit.

Disney on Broadway presents Aladdin

Disney on Broadway presents Aladdin

Planning Your Broadway Adventure

Meticulous planning ensures a seamless and enjoyable journey for leisure groups exploring Broadway’s enchanting world. Here are some tips for planning an exceptional Broadway visit:

  • Start by securing group tickets through Broadway Inbound, which is renowned for offering special rates and prime seating options for any type of group (starting at 10 tickets). Early booking ensures the best deals and guarantees a memorable, stress-free experience for your travelers.
  • Broadway Inbound provides a comprehensive guide to planning your trip, from ticket booking to transportation and pre-show activities. Additionally, the GroupTools platform simplifies organization, allowing you to manage payments and itineraries easily.
  • Enhance the educational value of your trip with study guides and workshops offered in collaboration with Broadway shows. These resources provide valuable insights into the creative process behind Broadway productions, enriching the experience for leisure travelers and fostering a deeper appreciation for the performing arts.

Invite your group of friends, family, or colleagues into the magic of Broadway, where every performance is a journey into the extraordinary. With a bit of planning and a spirit of adventure, your Broadway adventure awaits!

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