Bucket list experiences to enjoy in Como Italy

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Are you thinking of booking a group holiday to Italy? Como is a lovely destination with so much to see and do – whether you are visiting as a family, a couple, or on a solo break, it will tick all the boxes.  From the weather to the beautiful scenery, and of course the food, there is so much substance to Como that you won’t want to visit just once. In most cases, once you have visited and caught the bug, you’ll want to return year in and year out for your holidays.

So what things can you experience when visiting Como? A Lake Como boat rental should be high on your agenda (seeing Como from a different perspective is wonderful). A food and wine tour is a popular activity and so is a walking tour. Other bucket list experiences to enjoy in Como, Italy include an E-Bike tour of lake Como, wine tasting, and a day trip to Milan (it’s only an hour away by train).

Below we have put together our guide on bucket list experiences to enjoy in Como, Italy.

Lake Como Boat Rental

Have you ever hired a boat when going abroad before? For many people, a boat rental is a completely new experience and one that is on their bucket list. It allows you to see a country from a completely different perspective as well as visit areas which you may find hard to get to by foot or car. The cost for a boat rental varies hugely depending on the type of boat you would like to rent – in some cases it’s a lot more affordable than you may think. Como, Italy is the perfect destination for a boat rental! And remember to bring a camera – you don’t want to miss the chance to capture some amazing photos – especially if you are going out when the sun is rising or setting.

Wine Tasting

Como is the perfect destination if you are interested in your wines and fancy trying some new ones. Book yourself on a wine-tasting tour and enjoy the journey of discovering new wines that you will have never tasted before. You’ll try local wines which are unique and popular in the local area. Paired with your wines, you’ll get to try a selection of cheese as well as enjoy a tour of the facilities. Ask the experts any questions that you would like answered and buy a bottle to bring back home with you. There are so many different wine tours available in Como, so make sure you do your research and read the reviews to see what other people have said about the tour. Some may not include a tour and food for example.

E-Bike tour of Lake Como

Lake Como is a beautiful destination that you must explore whether that’s by foot or bike. However, to make the most of your trip and experience something new whilst exploring, we would recommend touring via an E-Bike. E-Bikes take the stress away from pedaling the whole journey and make hills a lot easier. Plus, they are great fun, something new to try and you’ll get to see more of Lake Como as you can travel further afield. If you don’t want to go alone, there are plenty of group tours that include E-Bikes that you can book.

Take a trip to Milan

When visiting a country, it’s always nice to see other places as well – this way you can tick off other major cities on your travels. Only an hour away by train and you can arrive in Milan, the global capital of fashion and design. You can experience the delicious food, soak in the wonderful architecture, enjoy a shopping spree, and then jump on a train back to Como when you are done. It’s easy and should definitely be part of your experiences when visiting Como Italy. If you have already been to Milan, other places that you can visit near Como include Menaggio, Lecc, and Lenno.

There are so many different things to do when visiting Como, Italy. We hope the above guide has given you some inspiration on different bucket list experiences that you should try when on holiday. Depending on your budget, try and book in for a few of the activities, alternatively, prioritize one or two depending on what you have done in previous holidays. We would highly recommend visiting Milan as you can tick off another city on your travels.

Have you visited Como, Italy before and what bucket list experiences did you do? Have you tried any of the above experiences on our list? Are there activities you think we should add to the list? If you have anything to share that will benefit our readers, please let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.

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