For those who love to relax with yoga and are searching for ideas for their next group vacation, we introduce the best travel destinations for yoga lovers.

Experiencing different cultures is one of the highlights of travel. These locations are breathtaking, so why not get some yoga in while you’re away? These are the best travel destinations for yoga lovers.


It’s impossible to talk about yoga without mentioning Asia, the origin of yoga. One of the most fascinating destinations in South Asia, Sri Lanka is an affordable option, but it’s equally as beautiful. In addition to yoga, there are plenty of other things to see and do in Sri Lanka; for example, one of the most common attractions is the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. The Sigiriya is over 5,000 years old and a renowned destination for Buddhist monks.


Africa has several amazing countries to visit as a group. One of the best travel destinations for yoga lovers is Morocco, whose beauty is rivaled only by the spectacular North African cuisine provided at private yoga retreats. For an added boost to your practice, consider trying out a combination yoga/surf camp, available at select coastal studios. For yoga lovers who want to explore more of the culture and nature of the continent, Kenya is a must-visit.


Europe is probably most similar to the United States in terms of culture compared to the previous locations, but many European countries possess a very different flair. One of the most unusual destinations is stunning Iceland. In addition to traditional yoga, you can try out unique aqua-based yoga that combines mindfulness and floating. If you’re interested in something perhaps a little warmer, then consider Spain or Portugal, home to countless beach-based yoga retreats that feature delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

South America

Several locations in South America are common destinations for yoga retreats, and they’re even more enjoyable in a group. The first destination is Guatemala because it’s beautiful, and their villages are so much fun. Like Guatemala, Peru is lovely, but primarily because of the natural beauty of its mountains and the Amazon rainforest. Both countries have unique cultures that you’ll want to immerse yourself in, and even though you’re not a native, the love for yoga is something that you’ll have in common with the locals.


The breathtaking scenery and exotic animals in Australia make it a great destination to do yoga on the beach, surrounded by the sounds of waves. There’s nothing better than doing yoga in the scenery of Sunshine Coast or New South Wales.

Whatever your preferences are, there’s a destination for you. If you’re looking for something warm and unique, you’ll probably love Africa or South America. If you want somewhere that’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but colder, you would love Iceland. Regardless, there’s a destination for you and your group, so go book something today!