Atlantic City is a Must-see Destination for Travel Groups


Live to explore all that Atlantic City has to offer groups. From dolphin and sunset cruises, celebrity chef restaurants and local eats to the city’s world-famous Boardwalk, beautiful white sandy beaches and sunsets on the historic Steel Pier, Atlantic City is a must-see destination when visiting New Jersey. Here are some of its most popular attractions.

Group Cruises in Atlantic City

Atlantic City Cruises offers an exciting opportunity to observe and learn about dolphins in their natural habitat, while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. Passengers board comfortable and spacious boats that are specifically designed for wildlife observation. The vessels are equipped with amenities such as outdoor viewing decks, indoor seating, restrooms, and informative narration by experienced guides.

As the boat sets sail, passengers are treated to stunning views of the Atlantic City skyline and the surrounding coastal area. The knowledgeable guides provide facts about the local marine life, the history of the area and the dolphins that inhabit these waters. As the boat cruises, passengers keep an eye out for signs of dolphins, such as dorsal fins breaking the surface, playful splashes, or groups of dolphins swimming together. Atlantic City Cruises Dolphin Watching trips typically last around two hours, providing ample time to enjoy the dolphin sightings, ask questions and soak in the beauty of the ocean. The cruises are suitable for all ages, making them a fantastic activity for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a memorable experience in Atlantic City.

Group Cruise in Atlantic City

Visit Atlantic City Provides Plenty of Info for Travelers

Whether it’s your first Jersey Shore vacation or you’ve had sand in your shoes for decades, Visit Atlantic City is your source for everything you need to know, do, and experience. Visit Atlantic City is a comprehensive resource and guide for visitors to Atlantic City and its surrounding barrier islands on the Jersey Shore.

One of the main attractions of Atlantic City and its neighboring areas is the miles of beautiful beaches. Visit Atlantic City offers insights into the different beaches, including Atlantic City Beach itself, as well as nearby beaches in Brigantine, Ventnor, Margate, and Longport. You can find information on beach amenities, such as lifeguards, restrooms, and parking facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable beach experience. In addition to the beaches, Visit Atlantic City provides a wealth of information about the various attractions, entertainment options, dining establishments, and shopping opportunities in the area. Whether you’re interested in exploring the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk, trying your luck at the casinos, enjoying live shows and concerts, or indulging in the local culinary scene, this resource has you covered. Visit Atlantic City also highlights the natural beauty and outdoor activities available in the region.

Cruise in Atlantic City

Atlantic City shoreline


Enjoy an Atlantic City Tiki Boat Ride

The Atlantic City Tiki Boat is a fun-filled experience that offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a tropical-themed boat ride along the coast of Atlantic City. It provides a memorable way to relax, have fun and soak in the picturesque views of the ocean and skyline. The Tiki Boat is a specially designed pontoon boat that is adorned with tiki-inspired decorations, creating a festive and tropical atmosphere. It features comfortable seating, a covered area for shade, and a bar stocked with refreshing beverages.

During the Tiki Boat ride, passengers can enjoy a variety of activities and amenities including live music or a DJ, allowing guests to groove to the rhythm of the music while cruising along the water. Some Tiki Boat experiences also offer light snacks or appetizers, adding to the enjoyment of the journey.

The cruise along the Atlantic City coastline provides panoramic views of the beach, boardwalk, and skyline. Along the way, passengers can take in the sights, capture memorable photos and even spot local marine life.

Visit Atlantic City offers plenty of information for travel planners and groups, so be sure to visit their website and Subscribe to Leisure Group Travel for FREE to get even more travel tips and information about places all over the globe.

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