Postcards and key chains are great kitschy souvenirs, but before you know it they’re cluttering your junk drawer. On your next swing through New England, visit Connecticut to peruse the charming, classy, often elegant antique stores that are peppered throughout the Constitution State. Whether seeking the perfect piece to accent a room or just needing a timeless gift, you’ll have plenty to choose from in the state’s many antique stores. Even if you’re not there to buy, it’s just fun to browse through old things and wax nostalgic.

Woodbury, nestled in the scenic hills of Litchfield County, is the “Antiques Capital of Connecticut.” Located on the state’s western side, about 75 miles from New York City, it has more than 30 professional dealers offering virtually all categories, periods and styles of antiques. The town’s reputation began some 50 years ago when dealers established their businesses in historic houses on and around Main Street. For a look at what’s available, check the website of the Woodbury Antiques Dealers Association.

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