7 Ways for Groups to be Ready for Colorado Travel

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With over 40 percent of its landscape managed agencies, it’s likely your Colorado travel will take in some of the state’s marvelous scenery

Each of Colorado’s eight regions has its own attractions to build an itinerary around. Regardless of the region traveled, they each share the spirit of adventure and a soft spot for nature. Here are 7 great tips for Colorado travel, courtesy of the Colorado Tourism Office.

  1. Know Before You Go – Along with state and federal lands, cities and counties are also charged with maintaining the area. When planning where your travels might take you, be respectful of the space. Consider finding your way to less-traveled places. There are plenty of places in Colorado where off-peak destinations are perfect for exploring. Remember to have your travelers bring reusable water bottles and hot drink containers.
  2. Stick to Trails – Colorado has 39,000 marked trails! There’s no need to wander off them. Shortcuts can be tempting, but staying on the path for a few extra steps protects plants and animals that are the true locals. Stick to the trails that best fit your group’s activity level.
  3. Leave It as You Find It – Colorado’s 750 species of wildflowers will live forever in your camera. Respect all living things. Cutting or chopping plants and trees may destroy them. That unusual rock might look great in your garden, but it needs to stay exactly where it is. Leave everything natural for others to enjoy.
  4. Trash the Trash – Whether your preferred technique is a jump shot, layup or slam dunk, put your trash where it belongs. Even crumbs, seeds and cores need to go in the nearest waste receptacle. Pick up an extra piece of litter for the team and leave your place better than you found it. Wash your hands with biodegradable soap, staying a few hundred feet from rivers and streams.
  5. Be Careful with Fire – Who doesn’t enjoy a s’more over a campfire? It’s certainly a nice treat while enjoying a sunset. While Colorado’s low humidity is a bonus, it will create dry conditions. Keep your campfire small, manageable and never unattended. When extinguishing your fire use enough water so you can hold embers in your hand. Cigarette and cigar smokers need to make sure their smoke is completely out. Put the butts in the trash where they belong.
  6. Keep Wildlife Wild – We love Chip ‘n Dale—those chipmunk brothers that Walt Disney Productions introduced in 1943. When you see their relatives in the wild, or for that matter any wildlife, do not feed them. It alters their natural behaviors. Tens of thousands creatures call Colorado home. Keep your distance to stay safe.
  7. Share Our Trails and Parks – As mentioned in the first point, consider exploring the lesser-known paths. People-watching really won’t qualify as an outdoor activity. Mute your cell phone, or better yet turn it off before heading into nature. Although likely practicing social distancing, do be courteous to others. Hikers and bikers heading uphill need the momentum.

Whether your Colorado travel experience is a leisurely nature walk in your new sneakers or a journey to a remote camping site with a small group of friends, treat the landscape with respect. Go quietly and listen to nature. She’s playing a symphony of wonderful music.

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