7 TOUR Companies that are Proud to specialize IN LGBTQ+ TRAVEL

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THESE TOUR companies are designed TO provide support for and celebrate LGBTQ+ friendly TRAVEL AND are ready to help you see the world the way you want.

For travelers in the LGBTQ+ community one key aspect of a successful trip is an atmosphere of acceptance. The tour operators listed below specialize in lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender travel and will work with you and your group to assemble vacations to the best LGBT-friendly locations. Each of these companies pay close attention to the up-and-coming locations for LGBTQ+ travel as well as keeping an ear out for the safest destinations for anyone in the community. Feeling comfortable to be who you are while traveling is the top priority at each of these companies and they all have something unique to offer in the business of vacationing within your community.


Leading lesbian tour operator, Olivia Travel, began as a record label in 1973 before transforming into an international tour outlet in 1990. Today the company, has planned trips for over 350,000 women and has a program designed for every kind of woman. There are programs for women over 40 and under 40, women of color, and even women in uniform. Whether you prefer to bring all your best gals on a trip or find adventure solo, there is a trip by Olivia that is a perfect fit for you. Their travel coordinators will work with you, or your entire group, to plan your next fantastic vacation.

Olivia Travel goes all out to deliver world-class travel experiences to women, their vacations span from full cruise trips to renting out hotels for a vacation full of girl power. The company even offers safari trips full of gorgeous landscapes and rare animal experiences. No matter which route you chose, all adventures through Olivia Travel are created to foster authenticity, a welcoming community of LGBTQ+ women, and a space that allows you to come exactly as you are. Groups, or solo travelers, may book online, visit the San Francisco office or call Olivia’s travel consultants. (olivia.com)

OWLs: We celebrate our elders by creating special events so that you can connect, share stories, and forge new friendships. (photo courtesy of https://olivia.com/our-programs)

OWLs: We celebrate our elders by creating special events so that you can connect, share stories, and forge new friendships. (photo courtesy of https://olivia.com/our-programs)


Based in Chicago, this prestigious travel planner won the 2016 Travvy Award’s gold prize for Best Escorted Tour Operator in the LGBT category and the 2010 TripOut Gay Travel Awards, among many other accolades. From their start Zoom has been all about diversity, inclusion, and comradery. All their destinations have been vetted as being gay-friendly and welcoming to people in all walks of life.

Zoom Vacations believes that successful gay travel, and travel in general, relies on the close attention to detail. Travel coordinators at Zoom strive to personalize the trip to the traveler, getting to know you, your preferences, and the vision you have for your vacation. The company provides two ways to travel, with their pre-planned vacation itineraries or by helping you plan your own private trip catered to your ideas.

Zoom’s unique tours can take you anywhere from Morocco or Egypt, and even to the Maldives. Their planned get aways offered each year include luxury hotel stays, tour guides throughout all the trip’s outings, as well as incredible cuisine both at your hotel and at hand-picked locations around your destination. If you want to go the independent travel route, a travel expert will work with you throughout each step of the planning process. They will consider the destination you have in mind along with your budget and hand craft a vacation specific to you. Pricing for solo trips and the schedule for upcoming tours, as well as testimonial from several previous Zoom travelers can be found on their website (zoomvacations.com).

HE travel

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah to serve as a beacon of hope to the large population of young LGBTQ+ individuals, HE Travel is one of the leading companies in inclusive travel. They have received the Editor’s Choice from Out & About, the popular gay travel newsletter, and was named Gay Tour Operator of the Year by OutTraveler Magazine.

HE Travel specializes in active outdoor travel with trips that feature hiking, rafting, and biking. While all their trips have a varying levels of outdoor activity, they do not all center around these activities. There are also trips that feature island hopping, safaris and even cultural tours.

If outdoor adventure amongst a welcoming and inclusive community sounds like the right kind of trip for you, you can visit HE Travel’s website to see their full calendar of trips. (tototours.com)


Based in Canada, Out Adventures takes LGBTQ+ groups interests into consideration when planning a variety of trips around the world. Since 2009 Out Adventures has been prioritizing the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community in their travel itineraries. Their crew has explored over a hundred countries, making them well versed about customs and feelings towards the community. This allows them to plan trip for you centered around places that you will feel safe and welcomed. Out Adventures are not only curated to make you feel welcomed wherever your travels may take you, but also to support the LGBTQ+ community in the countries their tours visit. Tours are organized on their site according to themes such as active, cruise, culture, and flex, making it easy to find a trip that feels right for your interests.

Out Adventures guided trips and tours lean more towards the small size hosting sixteen travelers for land excursions and not more than forty on a cruise. This allows you and your fellow vacationers to build a sense of comradery and foster an even greater community feel on your trip. If one of their tours does not stick out to you, they always have agents that are happy to help you plan something that is more your style or speed. (outadventures.com)

(Photo courtesy of https://www.outadventures.com/)

(Photo courtesy of https://www.outadventures.com/)

(Photo courtesy of https://www.outadventures.com/)


Founded in 2012, Detours home base is also located in Canada. The company is run by a group of family and friends that pride themselves on putting together relaxing and unhurried vacations. Their travel initiative is to allow guests on their trips to be travelers, not tourists, immersing them in a locations culture rather than only seeing bug ticket attractions. Detours travel concept revolves around you the traveler, steering away from “cookie cutter” itineraries and following a plan as we go mindset. If you would rather lay on the beach while the rest of the group goes zip lining or want to try out a weaving class instead of snorkeling, Detours encourages you to choose your own adventure along the way.

They have a calendar full of trips that can take you and your friends to Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America, and Africa. Whatever you’re looking for, Detours can help book your group on a pre-scheduled trip or customize one based on your interests. (detourstravel.com)

Pink VIbgyor

This travel agency in Sydney, Australia specializes in tailor made LGBTQ+ vacations with a heart for providing you with the most immersive and relaxing stays. While Pink Vibgyor also offers specific preplanned gay tours, their shining aspect is their attention to your preferences when helping you plan your dream vacation. They heavily research all their package trips as well as any trip they may be assisting you with, to bring you closer to the LGBTQ+ culture and lifestyle around your location.

One of their features that set them apart from other LGBTQ+ travel companies is their section on culinary tours. These special tours feature meals with local families, getting a front row seat to their coking styles and recipes, and experiencing the best traditional cuisine your destination has to offer.

You can see all their exciting featured planned tours or fill out a form to begin crafting your personal tailor-made tour with a staff member on their website. (pinkvibgyor.com/).

Oscar Wilde Tours

Gay Pride is more and more important in the world today—and Oscar Wilde Tours lets you explore it more deeply than ever. As heirs to a tradition that is central to civilization, LGBTQ+ people can truly take pride in their forebears, who count among their number such greats as Sappho and Socrates, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky and Virginia Woolf, the genius dancer Nijinsky, the literary revolutionary Thomas Mann, and of course, the sublime Oscar Wilde himself.

Oscar Wilde Tours offers guided tours to destinations such as Europe and the United States, focusing on the cultural and historical significance of LGBTQ+ communities in each location. (oscarwildetours.com/)


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