While five-star hotels usually have cloud like beds that almost everyone loves sleeping in, frequent travelers cannot always afford to stay in luxurious hotels and sometimes, there just isn’t one around in the vicinity even if you could afford it. To help make those nights at the hotel room a bit more comfortable, here are five tips that should help you sleep better.

1) How Do I Fix a Sagging Mattress?

As cheaper hotels neither use the best quality mattresses, nor do they ever change them frequently, an overused, sagging bed is probably one of the most common problems which you will face in a cheap hotel room. The only way to temporarily fix this is by stuffing some of the extra blankets and pillows under the mattress and adjusting them to make the bed as comfortable as possible for the time being.

2) Softening the Hard Mattress

Sometimes, lying on the hotel bed can feel like you are lying on a slab of concrete and unless you have serious back problems and you are used to a similar firm mattress at home, it is very likely that you won’t be getting too much of a sleep on that piece of rock! The solution is of course, adding a comforter or two on top of the mattress to make the bed feel softer. In fact, if you are a frequent traveler and driving by car, it might also be a good idea to carry your own mattress topper with you.

3) How to Use the Pillows For Support

If you are not finding the bed to be comfortable but cannot detect any obvious signs of it being saggy or super-hard, then you could try inserting one pillow under your legs and another under your back to relieve some stress and make things more comfortable. Alternately, a double pillow under the head can also work, although sleeping with your neck too high is not generally recommended.

4) Bring Your Own Sheets

If you have a history of being allergic to cotton or other fabrics, you should definitely bring your own sheets. Also, sleeping on your own sheets is almost always going to be more comfortable than the hotel bedsheets. Packing the sheets in during your travels might be unnecessary if you are already carrying a comforter.

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5) Change Your Room!

This one is of course the last resort, but since you are not staying there for free, you should definitely ask the hotel to change your room in case you find the bed to be just way too uncomfortable. They will likely even oblige in most cases, unless they have a packed hotel. In that case, you should change the hotel the next day, provided none of the above fixes are good enough or applicable.

These are only temporary fixes because we don’t generally sleep in a hotel bed for too long. However, if you are having trouble sleeping in your own bed at home, it’s probably time to think about switching to an organic mattress or Sleep Number bed for more comfort and support.