Have you ever stopped to consider why multimillionaire entertainers and businesspeople take the time to sit down with a talkshow host or podcast for a few minutes, although their pay for doing so is probably less than they paid for lunch that day? So why does every celebrity you can think of try to get themselves booked on these shows?

The reason they want their faces on the air waves is simple. They have come to realize that regardless of who they are, and what they have managed to accomplish, that once they are out of the public sight they are out of the public’s mind.

Visibility is the fundamental that leads to credibility

I’ll  go a step further. Credibility leads to trust which leads to success in your business. To full coaches on tours or sold out cruises. The more you see someone, the easier it is to believe them and trust them. Therefore, it makes sense to begin identifying ways for you to become more visible.

I am not talking about bragging; I am talking about letting the right people know that you are alive, well, and in a position to contribute to the good of the company. If you have this ability to contribute, you owe it to people to let them know about it.

I am recommending that you attempt to position yourself as a knowledgeable, capable, sincere, fun-loving person worth knowing and worth listening to. When done properly, you will not only be developing a more positive career path, but you will be putting a bounce back in your step while having more fun day in and day out.

Becoming slightly famous in the travel industry

For lack of a better term, you can think of this project as becoming slightly famous. When executed properly, people will recognize your name as the real deal throughout your area of influence. Whether it’s escorted tours, adventure travel, student trips or family reunions, they will come to respect your place in the industry and the overall knowledge you have on a particular subject. They will think of you as a true professional and believe you to be sincere and forthcoming.

So how does one achieve slightly famous stature in the group travel industry? There are lots of ways to become more visible, or even slightly famous. They all involve spreading the good word to as many people in your targeted customer demographic as possible with a high degree of credibility. The three vehicles that immediately come to mind when it comes to spreading the word are (1) podcasts, (2) contributing authors to magazines and blogs and (3) social media.

But before throwing up your hands in surrender, let me remind you that the travel industry organizations are in constant search for people with something of value to share with their audiences. They need you. They want you. They just may not know about you. Your job is to find them, introduce yourself, and present your case in a simple, straightforward fashion. No stress. No strain. Just you being who you are.

How? You simply ask. No, I am not trying to be cute or facetious. It is truly amazing what can happen if you just ask. If you have something to say, then I say go for it. It will enhance your visibility and credibility while positioning you as a slightly famous individual worth knowing.

Your goal should be both modest and practical. If you want to achieve celebrity status, it is time you do something about it.

Here is a five-step sure-shot celebrity-status launch program.

  1. Polish your message
  2. Ask for a shot to share your message
  3. Package your message
  4. Distribute your message from A – Z to your prospect list
  5. Strategically employ follow-up messages

When you are out-of-sight, you are out-of-mind. It is time therefore that you begin devising a strategy to stay visible and remain visible for as long as possible.

Someone has to write it. Someone has to say it. Someone has to comment on it. Who better than you?