Travelers who prefer to spend surrounded by the clear water while enjoying the fresh breeze are likely to enjoy a cruise vacation. Although the number of ocean cruise passengers declined massively after the pandemic, statistics reveal that the number of passengers reached a record high of nearly 30 million passengers in 2019.

As the global COVID-19 pandemic situation calms down, many travelers may start booking cruises again, and some of them might be first-timers. Check out these top cruise vacation ideas for first-time cruise ship travelers.

Falkland Islands Antarctica

The Falkland Islands are famous for their unique wildlife, such as elephant seals, numerous birds, and tragic history. Sovereignty disputes between the United Kingdom and Argentina led to the Falklands War in 1982. While many travelers visit the island for its breathtaking beauty, others want to witness the region many have read about in history books.

If you want to witness a combination of bountiful wildlife, rich history, and tourist attractions, book a Falkland Islands Antarctica cruise for your first cruise ship trip. It is a popular stop for many adventure lovers on their way to Antarctica and is often crowded with visitors. The island has a low population, making it ideal for visitors to roam around without getting lost in the crowd.

Arctic Saga: Spitsbergen via the Faroes and Jan Mayen

Spitsbergen via the Faroes and Jan Mayen is the ideal location for first-time guests to the polar regions, as it allows you to witness some of the most remote islands on Earth while observing their unique culture. Consult a professional expedition team to help you create the perfect itinerary, including the top destinations in the region.

A cruise will offer you a chance to encounter iconic arctic wildlife living in the region, such as whales and seabirds. Sailing across the North Atlantic allows you to witness numerous destinations of Fair Isle, the Faroe Islands, Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen.

Alaska’s Inside Passage

The Inside Passage is a coastal route including more than 1,000 islands, stretching hundreds of miles, weaving through the islands on the Pacific Northwest Coast of the North American Fjordland. The cruise ship route offers stops along Alaska’s panhandle and allows visitors to explore numerous islands at once.

Alaska’s Inside Passage is a popular tourist destination offering wildlife viewing and opportunities for kayaking, camping, hiking, and other activities for adventure lovers. The unprecedented access to blue glaciers and wild animal observations from the comfort of your cruise ship makes it appealing to many first-time cruise ship visitors.

Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands is a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, famous for its wildlife viewing. The environmental conditions make the island a unique destination as it is located near the equator but still receives cool ocean currents. National Geographic describes this situation as a “strange mix of tropical and temperate climates.”

Although the Galápagos Islands was a closely-guarded natural secret for millions of years, tourists can now visit the destination and enjoy the unique beauty it offers, along with its rich history.

The first trip as a first-time cruise ship traveler can be exciting but overwhelming. Knowing which destinations could offer you the best value could make the process less stressful and help you create a memorable experience to an unparalleled destination.