No matter where in the world you go, you’re sure to find amazing venues and performers. Experience the best ones with these vacations for music lovers.

For some people, the best vacations involve dancing lights, excited crowds, and the thrum of live music. No matter what your favorite genre is, experiencing a performance in person is unforgettable. You and your friends’ love of music might take your group to live music nights at the local bar, to your state’s best venue, or even to legendary destinations across the globe. Many groups have put their travel plans on hold because of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t design a big trip for the future. If your travel dreams revolve around all things music, put these incredible vacations for music-lovers at the top of your group’s bucket list.

Get Your Taste of Country in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, is known as “Music City” for a reason. Any group of music lovers will adore the historic venues and live shows that dot the entire city. Explore the nearly 100-year-old legacy of the Grand Ole Opry, which has seen almost every big name to come out of country music. When you’re done, you can all head over to the nearby Country Music Hall of Fame to learn more about the history of the genre and all its major influencers. Make sure your group also gets the chance to wander through the historic Music Row district to get your fill of neon lights and live shows from experienced and rising stars alike.

Go Classical in Vienna

A far cry from Nashville’s country music scene is the Capital of Classic Music: Vienna, Austria. The city is rich with impressions of the great composers who lived and performed there, including Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and more. You and your friends can even visit one of Mozart’s old residences, the Mozarthaus Vienna, where he wrote some of the most iconic classical pieces in the world. It’s hard to visit Vienna without experiencing some sort of performance or festival, but the Vienna Philharmonic is one of the biggest must-sees in the city.

Experience Irish Tradition at the Annual Fleadh Cheoil

Ireland’s history and culture run deep throughout the entire island, and its music is no exception. There are many places to experience traditional Irish music that would make incredible vacations for music-lovers, but one of the best trips your group can experience has no solid location. The annual Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann is the world’s largest Irish music celebration. Lasting eight days and moving to a different venue every year, this event attracts roughly 500,000 visitors annually to celebrate the traditional song and dance that permeate Ireland’s incredible music history.