VOYAGES IS A SEPARATE DIVISION within U.S. Tours and has built partnerships with many of the world’s leading cruise lines, making us Group Cruise Headquarters for members of the American Bus Association (ABA) and Select Travel Market. We are focused exclusively on group cruises and are always looking for unique opportunities for our customer base. If you are a tour planner and need help with a cruise, we are your one-call shop.

▸ All group leaders receive a balcony upgrade and free travel insurance
▸ Customizable comp fares & flexible pricing
▸ All cruise groups receive our free group travel app
▸ Our special all-inclusive group travel protection is non-age based and can be included in your price

▸ We have our own in-house air department
▸ We offer pre-cruise packages with hotels, restaurants and tours
▸ We handle online check-ins and registrations for your group
▸ We provide luggage tags, documents bags and name tags upon request at no additional cost
▸ We can confirm your group shore excursions

▸ Sales presentations to your customers
▸ Personalized flyers specific to your cruise
▸ Social media copy and images

If our experience has taught us anything, it’s that groups have different needs. A vacation should fit the needs of the group – the group shouldn’t have to fit the vacation. We will customize a cruise vacation to fit the exact needs of your group.

Our dedicated Voyages staff is committed to making sure your group cruise is a success. We stand ready to make your cruise a memorable event for all. Give us a call today at 304-485-8687 or visit

Bon Voyage,

Bob Cline
President, U.S. Tours

Kim Walters
Manager, Voyages by U.S. Tours

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