Girlfriend Getaways: Dealing with the Deal Sites

Lisa Kasanicky

Lisa Kasanicky

I love my dad. Love him to death. But during a recent phone conversation, he got slightly on my nerves – through no fault of his own really. It’s just that I can’t seem to escape the “G” word. Even my newly retired, slightly computer-challenged, non-Facebook-using father was “on the Groupon” and now he was taking travel advice from the group-deal giant.

“Yeah,” he said with such a burst of enthusiasm that I thought he won the lottery. “I bought a Groupon to go skiing on the Fourth of July!”

You see the dilemma. Swishing through the remains of a late spring snow on July Fourth in Northern California? Very cool. Our retired heroes allowing Groupon to sway their travel choices? Not so cool.

Check out the Digital Flipbook Version below:


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