Costa Rica: An Introduction to Paradise

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Welcome to Costa Rica (Rich Coast), a place teeming with an endless variety of life. Despite a sterling reputation Costa Rica remains much as it was before the world “discovered” it as a destination. This Central American nation still protects 25% of its land it contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Now comes your time to enjoy biodiversity at its best!

Destination Highlights of Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano

Arenal   – Deemed a sightseer’s dream for its perfectly symmetrical shape, the Arenal Volcano in the northern lowlands of Costa Rica is definitely a hotbed of beautiful sights, amazing sounds and seemingly unlimited activities. It will turn the casual sightseer into an adventure traveler.

San Jose – At the center of Costa Rica and surrounded by spectacular cloud the capital city of San Jose is a sprawling cosmopolitan town smack in the middle of a tropical paradise. The largest city in the region, San Jose’s compact downtown area is a bustling and action packed modern day environment with more than a dash of old town Latin America mixed in.

Sarapiqui – The region of Sarapiqui is an adventure traveler’s dream and even has a tamer side suitable for family members of all ages and abilities. This region is known throughout Costa Rica for its lush vegetation, amazing festivals and a number of nature preserves that are home to a diverse and extensive number of species.

Tarcoles – Situated along the central west coast of Costa Rica, parallel to the Pacific Ocean, the quiet little town of Tarcoles is the perfect retreat for bird watches, hikers and anyone looking to take a road less traveled.

Costa Rica River Touring

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero – You definitely won’t find turtle soup on any menu in the tiny town of Tortuguero and you certainly should not ask for it! Not only is this coastal village one of Costa Rica’s most visually stunning destinations it is the most important nesting site on the entire western half of the Caribbean for Green Sea,  Leatherback and Hawksbill Turtles.

Guanacaste – From its many beautiful beaches along the shoreline to the dramatic ridges along its volcanic mountain tops, Guanacaste, Costa Rica is a place to be cherished. The largest province, it also has the smallest population and is a wonderful place to learn the history and culture of the region. History not your thing? There’s surfing, snorkeling, wind surfing on mountain lakes, bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, soul searching…

Soar into the Clouds

Walking Suspension bridge in Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest

There are only four places in the world with an ecosystem so unique that it produces a cloud forest. The Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica is one. Situated high on a mountain, the cloud forest is created when the arid air from the forest below the mountain combines with the moist, hot air of the rainforest. The result is a blanket of misty, wispy clouds that linger low in the forest, making it feel as if it were raining. This rare environment breeds a diverse world of exotic flora and fauna. One of the cloud forest’s most famous residents is the endangered resplendent quetzal. A remarkably colorful bird, this creature sports a golden beak that protrudes from a green-hooded head. The breast is a vibrant scarlet and the tail feathers are gray, black and white. A highly-elusive bird, quetzal sightings are rare but absolutely unforgettable.

This could be Your Travel Journal…

Day 8

As I moved further into the Montverde Cloud Forest, deeper into this untouched environment, I felt like I was a part of something larger. Yesterday, with the mighty Arenal Volcano dominating the landscape, I knew I was in a country totally different from my own. The pure air, lush forest canopy, and endless variety of life we experienced during today’s hanging bridges tour left me with memories I will carry forever. Now, I’m looking forward to kicking back on the beach at our resort and gazing out over the Pacific. It has already been an amazing journey. There may be many different ways to define “paradise” but for me it will always be Costa Rica.

Tropical Costa Rica

Tropical Costa Rica

Hot Springs

Lush forests and stunning waterfalls… rumbling volcanoes and endless coastlines… Costa Rica is a paradise teeming with exotic plants and incredible animals. Offer your group breathtaking beauty and fine sandy beaches.

  • Embark upon a guided nature walk through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
  • Relax at a lovely resort in Tamarindo Beach.
  • Enjoy an exciting hanging bridges tour above the tree top canopy.
  • Visit the 20,000 acre nature preserve of Cano Negro.

Costa Rica: A World of Nature

Costa Rica a world of nature


Immerse your group in this vibrant, living Eden on the Central American isthmus. Cost Rica quickly went from hidden gem to the world’s most popular eco-destination. Find out why.

  • Visit a local school supported by the Collette Foundation to meet the children and learn about the Costa Rican educational system.
  • Enjoy a two night stay in Tortuguero National Park at an Eco-lodge.
  • Spend three nights in Arenal with breathtaking room views of the lava producing volcano.
  • Explore incredible Manuel Antonio National Park with its pristine white sand beaches.

A New Way to See Costa Rica – AFFORDABLE Family travel!

Families are always looking for ways to spend quality time together. Whether it’s mom and dad with their children, grandparents and their grandchildren, or everyone together; when they do find that time, they want it to be as meaningful as possible. And what better way to do that then to embark on a fun, affordable family vacation? Wherever you go or whatever you do, you’ll be astounded by the beauty and endless diversity of this Eden.

Child ZipLine

Tell your family travelers to pack their cameras and sense of adventure; Costa Rica has something for every family member. From the tropical rainforest and mighty volcanoes to eco-lodges and local villages, connect like never before.

  • Experience a birds-eye-view of the jungle during a zip-line canopy tour or a hanging bridges canopy tour.
  • Explore Tortuguero National Park’s winding canals, teeming with wildlife and exotic flora, by boat.
  • Learn to cook Costa Rican specialties such as guacamole, plantains and empanadas.
  • Swim in the volcanic hot springs of Arenal Volcano.

Why Buy An Escorted Tour To Costa Rica?

With guided travel the details are taken care of for you, tour operators make travel easy and effortless without sacrificing quality or value. Especially when you are traveling to countries like Costa Rica, it’s nice to know someone has already been there scouting out the destination, comparing hotels and organizing a comprehensive itinerary. You won’t miss a thing.

From the on-tour transportation and meals featuring local cuisine to enriching cultural experiences, it has been planned in advance. Combine this with some built in time to independently explore and you have the best of both worlds.

No matter how extravagant their imagination, travelers always return home with a wider appreciation of the world.

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