Camper Van 101: Tips To Follow When Travelling With Children

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If you’re planning for an exciting road trip with your children, then there’s no better way to do the same than opting for a camper van. Camper vans can be a marvellous idea if you don’t like dealing with trains, airways, packing/unpacking bags and so on. It’s a simple process where you just hop into a camper van with all your necessary belongings and off you go on your journey. You don’t have to waste time waiting for anything and you can enjoy the travelling experience without any hassle. 

However, there are certain tips & tricks that you’d want to know when you’re taking your kids with you on a camper van ride. That’s why we have created this extensive guide that we’d want you to follow. 

Useful suggestions to follow when traveling with kids in a camper van

  1. Your Camper Van Should Have the Ability to Carry Sports Equipment

According to a company offering camper vans for rent, your campervan must have the ability to carry sports equipment such as cycles, soccer balls, beach gear and other such sports items. Since you’ll be travelling with your kids, it’s important to carry such equipment and thereby have fun playing with them with your children. 

  1. Always Select the Best Bed Configuration for Your Camper Van

When you are making a road journey with your kids in a camper van, don’t forget to select a camper van that has the ideal bed configuration. There are various bed configurations that you can choose from, such as:

  • Some vans will have double beds. 
  • Some vans will have one permanent double bed and you can directly convert a table into another double bed. 
  • Larger camper vans will have double beds as well as bunks, along with the option of converting a table into a temporary bed. 

Always remember that kids will go to bed early every day and having additional beds will be helpful because you can put your kids to bed while you can perform your tasks in the meantime, without even disturbing them. 

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If you’re travelling for shorter distances, then choosing permanent & temporary beds makes sense. But, if you’re travelling over longer distances, then choose a permanent bed configuration for your camper van so that you don’t have to waste time every day setting up the bed. 

  1. Ensure That Your Kids Have Smartphones

Each one of your children should have his or her smartphone so that it can become easy to communicate with each other. Moreover, giving each child a smartphone will also help in keeping him or her engaged in listening to music, playing games or reading e-books. 

Pro Tip: If possible, you can also carry laptops and/or tablets, so that media consumption with your kids can become easy. Furthermore, you can also carry some Amazon Kindle readers, because they’re far better for reading books than on your laptop/tablet/smartphone. 

  1. Make Preparations For Your Travelling Days

Since you’ll be travelling in your camper van for multiple days at a stretch, it’s better to make arrangements beforehand. You not only have to be mentally prepared for the trip but physically as well. Some tips that you can implement:

  • Ensure that you have enough snacks to last you for a considerable amount of time. Since kids like to munch on snacks, this should be a must-have inside your camper van. 
  • Carry enough water, juices and other beverages to keep your family hydrated at all times.
  • Collect all essential groceries, food items along with relevant utensils for making food on the go.
  • Gather all the crucial toiletries and bathroom essentials, such as soaps, shampoos, toilet papers, wet wipes, napkins and so on. 
  • Finally, take some board games, story books or a pack of cards, so that you can have fun with your children.

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