10 Top Iconic Sights of New York City

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New York’s vibrant energy brings culture, history and so many various things to do. If you need some ideas on iconic sights of New York City, read more to find out.

By: Abbinaya Narayanan

Famously known as the “Big Apple”, New York City brings together tourists and locals from all over the world. From museums, to amazing food, historic sights and of course the endless towering skyscrapers, New York is the place to visit for a lifetime of memories. If you are wondering what iconic sights to visit in the Big Apple, grab a famous slice of New York pizza and continue reading.

Visiting The Statue of Liberty

A beacon of freedom for generations of immigrants who arrived in New York Harbor, this colossal figure remains a symbol not only of New York but of America. Liberty Island ferries depart from Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park to the New York Harbor. Depicting a Roman goddess, The Statue of Liberty was designed in 1865 by Frenchman Édouard de Laboulaye as a gift from France to America symbolizing the close relationship between the two countries during the time period dating back to the Declaration of Independence.

Carve out 3 hours of your day to go visit the Statue of Liberty. Price ranges from $19-31 depending on your age range for the time being. If you plan on visiting this symbolism of freedom, all tours are complementary and you may choose to take an independent audio tour as well.

Times Square in New York

Times Square in New York

Experiencing Times Square, New York City

Have you ever seen the ball drop on New Year’s Eve? This iconic event takes place in the heart of Times Square. Times Square is well known for its abundant shops, vibrant energy, skyscrapers, street performances and food, a place where dreams and aspirations of many come to reality.

Nothing comes close to the amazing shows on Broadway located in Times Square. The motto of this famous place in New York City is, “Expect the Unexpected”.

A Scenic Walk in Central Park, NY

Located in Central Manhattan, this park is most cherished for its iconic movie and tv show scenes as well as the relaxing scenic view. If you love being active or want to visit the home of entertainment in New York, Central Park is the place for that. The mind blowing scenery in this 800 acre park is a favorite to tourists and locals, as greenery helps bring a sense of calmness to those individuals.

Whether you want to grab a bite or just relax and visit the zoo or museums located near or within the radius of central park, this is the place to visit. A friendly place for those of all ages and backgrounds, Central Park is a must see.

The 9/11 Memorial Pays Tribute to the Victims

New York holds the home to a memorial that pays tribute to over 3,000 victims during the tragic event of 9/11. This tribute has the names of all the victims dating back to 2001. This museum is over 110,000 square feet surrounded by pools and designed with bronze panels. This historic event is still commemorated to this day and millions of people pay their respect to the victims who are no longer here. The memorial of 9/11 brings people from all over the world together to unite and spend 3 to 4 hours of their day paying their respects to the tribute located at 90 West Street, New York City.

Visiting Rockefeller Center in New York

Visiting Rockefeller Center in New York

The Magic of Rockefeller Center

Nothing compares to the magic and memories made at the iconic scene of the exquisite Rockefeller Center in New York City. During the winter the biggest Christmas tree in America will be put up.

Families and friends from all over the world come to see this landmark and make wonderful memories with loved ones. This tree unites society together with an ice skating rink in the lower observation deck. There are restaurants, statues, and happy smiles all around this tree. This iconic scene has it all. Here’s the catch, it is for free. Grab your best camera and head on over to this plaza to take pictures that will last a lifetime.

If you can’t go during the cold winter days, no worries. During the warmer seasons, there are art exhibitions and free entertainment shows. It is recommended to spend a couple hours at this iconic scene.

An Architectural Wonder, The Vessel

The Vessel is a 16-story and 150-foot-tall structure that is one of the many wonders of New York City. Although it is currently closed and you are no longer allowed to go inside, it is a wonderful place to visit because of the exterior and elevation of the structure.

It was constructed by Thomas Hetherwick and cost over $100 million to make this structure. Grab a cup of coffee or bite around this area and head on over to this site where you will be inspired and perhaps pursue architecture as a future career. This bee-hive looking structure is one that you will never forget.

Empire State Building in New York

Empire State Building in New York

The View From The Empire State Building

Did you know that the empire state building is the landmark of many love scenes in various movies and tv shows? This tall skyscraper has the most amazing view where you can see the whole city of New York. Although the price to visit the Empire State building is hefty, an additional $10 if you want

to visit during sunset, many say the price is worth it. Imagine yourself 1,2500 feet above ground, with the view of all the skyscrapers and the many tourists around this area. You can spend over two hours at this iconic scene of the Empire State Building designed by Yasuo Matsui, William F. Lamb, Arthur Loomis Harmon, and Gregory Johnson. Take some time out of your visit to New York City and experience the view from this office building, the Empire State.

Grab a Bite of The Famous New York Pizza

Your trip to New York City is not complete without the famous slice of thin crust New York Pizza. This juicy, flavorful slice has any toppings you want, and gluten free or dairy free for those who have dietary restrictions. Joe’s Pizza ranks top tier in New York City, you can find this near Times Square. The one thing to keep in mind is that the line for getting this pizza in New York can be extremely long, so plan ahead before grabbing a bite. It will be so worth it.

Chic Metropolitan Art Museum in New York

Chic Metropolitan Art Museum in New York

New York’s Chic Metropolitan Museum of Art

The last thing to visit on your bucket list to visit New York City is the chic Metropolitan Museum of Art. For all of you art lovers out there, this museum is known worldwide for its exquisite and detailed art pieces that it has to offer. Featuring famous artists from all over the world depicting art work from various cultures and backgrounds. Each piece has a story to tell so grab a camera and head on over to this exhibit because there are over 2 million art works to be seen.

Tickets are $30 for adults that can be used for three days and it is free entry for children. This exhibit is located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. If you need a way to commute here, take the subway or train through the Grand Central Terminal known for its interior and exterior architectural design.

Visiting the Bronx Zoo in New York

New York City is extremely famous for the Bronx Zoo. If you are visiting this city with children, be sure to take them to the Bronx Zoo. It is a family friendly environment with many furry friends and more waiting for your visit and friendly smiles. Children and adults love this zoo for its various jungles and aquariums. Featuring over 10,000 animals, it is a safe environment to see them if you have never seen some species in your life. It is one of the largest metropolitan animal parks in the country. You can plan to spend around 3 hours at this family friendly place.

Being around nature can be a very soothing visit in the midst of all the high energy environment that New York City has to offer. Ticket prices vary daily but be sure to visit this zoo, especially if you are visiting with children and are looking for a family friendly environment in New York City.

There are still so many other iconic scenes to visit in New York City. If you want to learn more about what to do in New York, then be sure to Subscribe to Leisure Group Travel magazine for FREE to find out more information.

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