Known for providing a vacation experience that is “180 Degrees from Ordinary,” Windstar Cruises is a market leader when it comes to small ship cruising. And they’re taking that to new levels along with their recent expansion.  Xanterra Parks and Resorts, parent company of Windstar Cruises, recently announced in February they’re acquiring three yachts from Seabourn Cruises for Windstar Cruises – this will double their fleet.

 More about the additions to Windstar Cruises Expansion

Over a two year period starting spring 2014, the three yachts that will become part of Windstar Cruises’ fleet include the Seabourn Spirit, Seabourn Pride and Seabourn Legend. The first to undergo renovations is Seabourn Pride. She’ll be renamed Star Pride and will be launched in May 2014. Renovations to Seabourn Legend and Seabourn Spirit will follow. They’ll be renamed and then begin sailing under Windstar Cruises in May 2015.

The ‘Power Yachts’ Complement Windstar Cruises

Although Windstar Cruises’ heritage is tied to sailing, because their modern tall ships have computer-controlled sails that augment the motor propulsion, overall their intimate yacht style of cruising is really what Windstar Cruises is known for.  The addition of these three all-suite “power yachts” will be the first in Windstar’s fleet that don’t have sails, but fit in well with the intimate cruising style. The Star Pride, along with her sister power yachts each have a capacity of accommodating 212 guests in 106 suites and are 400 feet long with six passenger decks. Each will undergo Windstar branded renovations, showcasing many of Windstar’s experiences – the line’s open bridge policy as well as their famous Yacht Deck Barbeque Gala and celebratory sail away party are a few.

Launch of “Global Windstar” and New itineraries

When Windstar Cruises begins adding these new ships, they’ll be marketing themselves as “Global Windstar.” Being able to expand to other regions and areas of the world by expanding their fleet allows Windstar to offer new itineraries and destinations.

Starting spring 2014, the Star Pride will spend its first season in Europe, with four exclusive European voyages. The new “Black Sea Tapestry” voyage is one Windstar is offering for the first time, and lets guests enjoy the hidden wonders of Europe’s Black Sea.  “Pride of the Aegean” lets guests explore the breath of the Aegean Sea from the southernmost tip of Crete to Istanbul. And “Riviera Enchantment” takes guests to some of the world’s most glamorous ports along the French Riviera. With  “Venetian Passageways” guests have a chance to uncover the wonders of Venice and then through the Corinth Canal to the ancient oracle of Delphi as well as on to the majestic fjords of Montenegro.

Another new itinerary? In 2014 Windstar will be offering a “Sicilian Splendors” voyage. This ten day sailing roundtrip from Rome, Italy includes visits to five new ports.Besides some new itineraries, the Star Pride will also be offering many Windstar favorites.

Market Leader for small ship cruising

Unique voyages to some of the world’s best small ports and hidden harbors are what Windstar Cruises has become best known for. And now with the expansion and doubling its fleet, that continues. Windstar Cruises is the market leader when it comes to small ship cruising, combined with ambiance, fine dining and casual elegance.  More details about itineraries for the other two “power yachts” that will be part of the Windstar Cruises’ fleet are coming.

If your group members enjoy casual elegance, along with a cruise experience that provides some pampering and entertaining, yet allows them to experience some of the smaller harbors that larger ships can’t reach?  Windstar Cruises does provide another option.