Edith Wagner

Any business interested in serving or selling to reunions wonders how to find them. And that was certainly our question 21 years ago when we started trying to find reunions to share our magazine (Reunions) with. As it turns out, however, it was a matter of how to make reunions find us. Because what we learned was reunions can be anywhere, organized by anyone, and there is nothing that distinguishes the people from anyone else. In other words, there was no one convenient place to find reunions.

Reunion organizers typically are very devoted to their group, but there’s no way you can tell that without asking. Most reunion organizers do not simply blurt it out, nor do they wear T-shirts that say “I organize my family reunion.” Although on the subject of T-shirts, you can easily tell it’s a reunion group if they’re all wearing one of those kazillions of family reunion shirts that are ubiquitous in summer. You’ll have a pretty good clue that in that crowd there is a leader, a decision maker and someone you’d like to talk to.