Short trips for one, two, or three days can be a fun, low-cost way to enjoy a long weekend away from work, home, and daily responsibilities. What are the most common ways working people escape the routine and participate in exciting activities without spending a fortune on hotels, transportation, and other expenses? In addition to exploring the local surroundings and state parks, they can investigate nearby cities’ real estate markets in search of profitable rental properties.

Others pack their bags and head out of town to sample a famous restaurant, see a stage show, attend a concert, check out museums, or visit a central art gallery. The choices are virtually limitless and mostly depend on where you currently reside. But, even if you’re not near a major city, there’s still plenty to do on brief jaunts. Here are details about a few of the most popular options.

Visit Museums, Galleries, Concerts, or Gaming Venues

Start your group’s journey by choosing a famous museum, art gallery, or historic site as your target destination. Or, explore your favorite performer’s upcoming concert dates and locations online. Plus, it’s always a blast to kick back and relax in one of the gaming casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or dozens of riverboat venues around the country. Don’t underestimate how great traveling by car and taking a scenic road trip can also enhance the destination and activities you decide on.

Check Out Real Estate Beach Rentals

A weekend journey is a perfect time to investigate if you’re looking to invest in a beach house rental. These homes offer a wide array of benefits because they’re perfect for short-term renters who are on vacation. The overall income potential tends to be higher than residential properties, and the market is constantly growing. The beauty of beaches, for owners of rental units, is that they routinely draw a steady stream of guests.

While the markets are unique and potentially very lucrative for investors, knowing how to navigate the searching and buying process correctly is imperative. Your most brilliant first step is to review a detailed guide that discusses the best cities, towns, and states in which to purchase your first property. Maine, California, Texas, Washington, Alabama, Florida, and Virginia are just a few spots where first-time owners snag good deals on beach rental properties.

Attend Special Events

Every year, millions pack their bags and hit the road to attend a music festival, concert, sporting event, or another type of entertainment show. One of the intelligent ways to save on these types of outings is to arrange for group travel with friends or strangers. It’s typical for festivals and sporting events to serve as ideal three-day weekend journeys and allow working people a chance to attend without using more than one or two vacation days. Many large cities offer bus transport to notable entertainment venues like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New York City, and elsewhere for passengers who want to save on travel. Sometimes it’s even possible to make up for the high cost of event tickets by snagging a budget form of transportation to and from the venue’s city.