U.S. Tours, America’s leading wholesale tour operator has acquired the business and interests of East Coast Tours in Easton, Pennsylvania. According to Bob Cline, President of U.S. Tours, “this was a long sought after deal, and it’s a very strategic move and further solidified our position as a leader in the niche group travel market that caters to Banks and Loyalty Clubs.”

U.S. Tours, a West Virginia-based  wholesale travel company has become known as a leading provider of three-and four-day packaged American destination tours. The firm also operates a series of ‘Spectacular American Events,’ marketed to ABA motorcoach companies, tour operators and senior groups.  East Coast Touring is a market leader in the river cruise market, specifically the American Queen Steamboat Co here in the U.S. and AMA Waterways in Europe.

Bob Buesing, President of East Coast Tours said, “As Bebe and I contemplated this, we agreed we would only sell if we could find a like-minded company that provides the same level of service, cruise opportunities, international tours, plus has a large portfolio of American destinations. When we spoke to Bob Cline, we were immediately comfortable with the possibility.  I have been personal friends with Bob for over ten years, and I know his company, his abilities and his attention to detail.”

U.S. Tours

Cline said, “My first conversation with Bob, about the possibility of merging our businesses, was at a Select Travel Marketplace a couple of years ago.  We discussed how our unique products and services were well matched, they were balanced kind of like a nice wine with a good steak.”

“While our decision was not easily reached,” Buesing added, “We know it is a sensible merger of similar companies.  As we move forward into our retirement years we take pride in the business we built, and we look forward to seeing it grow into something wonderful.  There’s a sense of comfort too in that U.S. Tours has welcomed Sharon Herman and Megan Roehrenbeck, long-time employees of ECTC to their team.”

“I’m looking forward to spinning this into a truly exciting venture,” Cline said. “To have this volume of business in front of us, with all these wonderful people on my team, I just know we’re going to have some fun. You know with senior travelers yielding the market to Boomers, it’s an exciting time to be in business.”