No one likes to think of his or her travel product as typical. As far as travel professionals go, typical is a four-letter word it borders on boring and causes people to fall into road hypnosis or, worse, choose another company. However, Bill Slagle, owner and CEO of, does not have to worry about promoting a typical travel product because he does not begin by promoting any travel product.

While the goal of is to get people to travel with him, what Slagle really promotes is a lifestyle that is achieved by participating in the events and trips the club plans. And what better a model for him is there of a lifestyle than his own?

The hardest thing for Slagle is holding spots for people who do not decide until the last minute. They are young and, even though the prices are low, it is sometimes hard for them to set aside the money or the time to get away. Club members are mostly professionals, a slight majority who are female, and 90% single. He has writers, lawyers, dentists and office workers, but they are all willing to get out and meet other like-minded people for a weekend or sometimes longer.

He is quick to point out, though, that his club is not for singles looking to hook up, and it is not for people who are looking to go wild. It can be a crazy time and people do let loose, but we are all adults. No one wants to get fired because their boss saw them getting arrested on TV. No arrests to date, and no sign of slowing down either for Bill and the Gang. Next stop: Africa.