Group Travel Insurance

Our Travel Protector offers affordable group travel insurance

You hear about travel suppliers going out of business in this tough economy.  Ask yourself this: how bad does the financial outlook of an airline, cruise line or tour operator have to be, before its services are no longer covered by travel insurance? The answer might surprise you . . .

Insurance companies like Our Travel Protector won’t cover the default of a travel supplier who is already in bankruptcy when the supplier’s services are purchased, which of course makes sense.

However, some insurance companies go much further — their default coverage applies only to “approved suppliers” — healthy airlines, cruise lines and tour operators who aren’t likely to go out of business anytime soon. Suppliers who are struggling but haven’t yet filed bankruptcy typically are not seen on a list of “approved suppliers”. That’s bad news for the traveler.  Here are two important facts you should share with your travelers:

– First, insolvency protection sold by a tour operator will never protect the traveler against that tour operator’s own bankruptcy.  That’s why it’s important to buy insolvency protection from a third party, like Our Travel Protector.

— Second, unlike the plans mentioned above, Our Travel Protector doesn’t limit coverage to healthy companies on an “approved supplier list”. Coverage applies to any third party supplier, as long as the supplier does not file bankruptcy before the traveler buys the insurance, and does not totally cease its operations within 15 days afterwards.

The bottom line:  Our Travel Protector is a third party plan without an “approved supplier list”, which means your travelers get the broadest Financial Insolvency coverage possible.*

*Certain restrictions apply.  For complete details of the Financial Insolvency coverage, refer to the Travel Insurance Certificates available through

Watch our video interview of Jon Gerlach, an insurance executive with Our Travel Protector, and learn more about this exciting travel protection plan!

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