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Like most of the travel agents out there you also want to achieve your financial goals this year, you also want to earn more money this year. Let’s make 2019 the best of the year.

So here is an opportunity to earn up to $9000 commission on a single trip which cost you only $100 a day and is an all inclusive trip of staying 7 days at 5* hotels, all meals, all tour, transportation etc. I am talking about the transformative trip to India which is the most unique trip launched by Culture Holidays in 2016 & running successfully & 1000’s of travel agents have attended and rated this trip as a lifetime experience.

How its different from other trips? This is a trip of lifetime which includes 7 days full of joy, happiness, positivity, meditation & secret of success. You will not only visit the beautiful destinations like the Taj Mahal but will also have the meditation session and transformative sessions.

This trip is aimed at travel agent’s success as you will learn the techniques & ideas to grow your company financially. It will help you to learn how to recondition your mind to change your financial Life.

How you can earn on this trip?

The cost of the trip for clients is USD 999 (May to August 2019) and the cost of travel agent FAM is USD 699 per person (May to August 2019) so sell this trip at $999 and earn a commission of $300 per person.

  • Bring 10 people and get a commission of $3000
  • Bring 20 people and get a commission of $6000
  • Bring 30 people and get a commission of $9000

Isn’t it a great opportunity to earn!

Terms & conditions:

  • As this trip is high in demand, a travel agent can bring maximum 30 people
  • The maximum incentive is on USD 9000 on 30 people per travel agent

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