Why go on a trip alone when you can go on a trip with the whole family? Multigenerational vacations are trips with vacationers from different generations. Most often, they include grandparents, parents, and kids. These big, reunion-like trips are a fantastic way to promote family bonding, but they can also be tricky to plan since each generation will have varying preferences and needs. If you need tips for planning a multigenerational family vacation, we have them! Keep reading for advice on how to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Plan in Advance

With big trips like these, the earlier you start to plan, the better! We recommend you start planning a year in advance, or at least a few months in advance. The earlier you start, the less stressful booking and scheduling will be. A convenient way to plan is to set up Zoom meetings with everyone going on the trip to discuss matters virtually.

The Budget

Chances are, you and your other family members live in different households. Different households will have different monetary situations, so keep this in mind when planning. Decide who will pay for what. Will everyone pay for their own plane tickets, food, and hotel room? Or will each person pay for a different portion of the trip? Whatever you decide, make sure that it doesn’t break anyone’s bank!

A Multidimensional Location

Visiting Crete, Greece is great if you’re all adults who love wine, but what about the little ones? And Disneyland is fun for kids, but are grandma and grandpa ready for the thrill of coasters? The location you choose for your trip should have something for everyone so no one feels left out or bored.

The Hotel

Choose a hotel that accommodates every generation. Older family members may have mobility issues, in which case a hotel with an elevator, ramps, and wide halls that can accommodate walkers and wheelchairs is a must. For kids, you may want to choose a hotel with an indoor water park, bunk beds, and other fun features. And for the adults, a big suite separate from the kids and close to local bars and restaurants would be nice. Ask each vacationer what they’d like in a hotel and try to find one that hits as many “musts” as possible.

Inclusive Activities

The places you visit and the activities you partake in should also be multi-generation friendly. Sailing across the sea on a charter yacht, for example, is something that all age groups will love. The kids can go water skiing or play in the pool while older family members sunbathe on the deck, lounge in the hot tub, or hang around and chat. Beach trips, ATV tours, museum visits, and miniature golf are a few other activities that every family member will enjoy.

With these tips for planning a multigenerational family vacation, you can schedule a trip that suits every generation’s needs. What are you waiting for? Plan your next family adventure today!