Stacey Warren and Gillian Amaral from Three Chics Hospitality highlight this edition of Take 5 to discuss their new company. With the idea forming seven years ago, they have been networking within the travel and tourism market, and seek to bridge the gap on group tourism in Western Massachusetts.

Both Stacey and Gillian are veterans of the hospitality industry, traveling and working in many areas at hotels, motor coaches, and marketing. The name of the company stems from the power of three, with Stacey, Gillian, and a pineapple representing hospitality.

Gillian says they decided to launch the company now because, “…we are poised and ready for the travel market that just wants to get back out. You know, we’ve been dealing now with our pandemic for about a year and a half, and people are ready to travel. So we wanted to be ready for them, ready to receive them, and we thought what better time than to launch this year.”

Three Chics Hospitality will be acting as an extension of the sales and marketing team for restaurants and attractions that are group friendly for the motor coach market. Stacey also mentions specifics of what kind of activity groups can expect directly from the company.

“We’ll be working closely with (restaurants and attractions) to market them. We’ve got all sorts of social media that we have set up and ready to go. Obviously representing them at the four main trade shows…and then on the flip side, we’re kind of offering a full circle service. For the tour operators, we want to be that one stop shop for them now…we will be able to help them with all of the restaurant reservations, all of the attraction ticket purchasing, any details to help them get the best of Western Mass.”

Western Massachusetts is a wonderful destination to travel to, with world class museums, and The Big E with an avenue of six New England states where you can visit each state in one easy access area. They are a great hub location that intercepts the entire area of New England with better rates of stay for groups.

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