So you and your travel companions want to explore the great outdoors. Don’t let the cold weather stop you this time of year! There are plenty of beautiful trails to hike that you don’t want to miss. Round up your group and get ready to make some memories together. Check out the best trails to hike in the wintertime here.

Cape Falcon Trail in Oswald West State Park, Oregon

At 5 miles long, Cape Falcon Trail is an excellent hike for beginners, and it will certainly be memorable. Be sure to bring your camera along, because you may see a pod of gray whales at some point on this hike. It’s best to hike this trail in December or January, when the whales migrate from the Bering Sea to Baja. Along with your camera, bring your binoculars and dress warmly with must-have winter gear.

Sulphur Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park, Canada

If you and your travel group want to explore outside of the United States, pack your passports and head to Alberta, Canada. Plan to take a hike on the Sulphur Skyline Trail, which is a little under 5 miles long. The views is unbeatable and full of beautiful wildflowers. If you like to snowshoe, try to hike this trail between June and October.

This trail is a little more difficult. Be prepared and bring more water and snacks with you to stay hydrated and healthy.

Cumberland Trail in Cumberland State Park, Tennessee

If you want to take on a challenge, plan a weekend hike on the Cumberland Trail in Tennessee. At 22 miles long, it will take you through 3 gorges. The wintertime causes the white-water streams to freeze. Crystals form, and the waterfalls become icy glazes over the rock walls.

It’s suggested that you start at Soddy Creek and hike north. You’ll hike over 2 suspension bridges and even a coal mine. If you decide to camp, check out Little Possum Creek Campsite at the 10-mile marker.

Don’t let the winter season stop you from once-in-a-lifetime memories with your friends or family—plan your adventure today! Pack your winter gear and explore the best trails to hike in the wintertime.