In this edition of Take 5, we talk with GroupCollect CEO Corey Black. Corey has been in the industry for over two decades as a student tour operator and brings a new level of expertise to his new company.

GroupCollect started out of Black’s unique needs as a tour operator and has been built as a registration technology platform resolving issues with online payment issues for group tour operators and their customers. This is web-based application helps operators create easy-to-use custom registration pages that could include features such as trip protection.

GroupCollect works for groups from any market sector whether it’s student travel, religious travel or leisure travel. Corey explains how their platform stands out from other industry websites. “We  bring  a suite of tools under one roof…that’s baked right into the platform. So, from the moment that organizations register, they can collect all of their permission to travel forms, all of their release of liability forms, etc. Directly from day one, they have that built right out.”

With GroupCollect, users can initiate customer communications which are streamlined directly through the program. Black explains the networking abilities as, “The other big integration we have that is baked right into this system is our communications or announcement platforms. Group leaders love it because they can send out emails to all of the participants…and text announcements.”

GroupCollect also helps collect passenger payments with an ability for participants to pay online. Corey explains the ease of accessing a collection of payments as, “…if you have a multi-group reporting system, what we do is we take each of the daily batch payouts, we summarize them by each of the groups in the system…it takes about 5 minutes to do those daily processing procedures, whereas before it might take several hours to do that; exporting them, summarizing them, etc. So we’ve really built a really slick integration to make that super tight on the payout side.”

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