In an exciting new look at Beyond The Nest, Mary Fusillo talks about her new company with Leisure Group Travel’s publisher, Jeff Gayduk.

After years of working and building three separate businesses and with her two kids off at college, Mary had an epiphany that she was ready to go out and explore. Through collaboration with co-founder Vanessa Famighetti, the business launched on February 15th of this year. Both women wanted to have a unique business that catered to people looking to fly the coop. “Let’s have a place where people can have lovely luxury, small settings, a theme, have things where they’re going to learn, explore and recalibrate their lives,” said Mary.

Beyond The Nest is a great way to experience group travel without the hassle, as Mary details in their three upcoming trips. With a focus on small groups in communal, affordable but luxury housing in places like San Miguel in Mexico, the Greek Isles, and Costa Rica, Beyond The Nest is targeting the high end of the market. Many meals are provided with an onsite chef as well as personal drivers and local experts to show the artistic and cultural life of each destination on daily excursions.

Each morning, time is spent to help trip members focus on their well-being, with seminars and discussions led by mentors and thought leaders on tackling that next phase in life. Nest trips can include anyone from age 25 to 60 or above who wants to rethink their life, get out and travel after such a long quarantine, or discover how to become a digital nomad, working an online job while traveling the world. There is less pressure with this type of travel, as Mary stresses, “Our ultimate goal is to be a retreat company so that you can see beyond your nest and come here.”

The company already has plans to expand for up to 10 trips, covering both domestic and international destinations in 2022. Guests can reserve a spot on an upcoming trip by paying the $500 deposit on the company website:

Beyond The Nest is a part of a new discovery of people who love small group adventures that don’t want to take the time to plan on their own. With this being her fourth business, Mary has learned that you have to push doubt aside and invest in things that will make your business more professional and reach more people.