In this edition of Take 5, we sit down with Claudio Zemp from Switzerland Tourism.

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Claudio Zemp has been with Switzerland Tourism for ten years, and currently works as the Director Americas, promoting tourism and travel to Switzerland from North America.

Switzerland Tourism has a new collaboration with Roger Federer, one of the greatest tennis players of all time. This Swiss tennis professional will be promoting Switzerland all around the world. Zemp, who is very excited about their new ambassador, praises Federer. “He has spent many years positively representing Switzerland through his sports excellence and his friendly, down to earth manner.” There is a lot to look forward to in Switzerland Tourism’s new campaign with Roger Federer as the face of the brand.

If you’re interested in eco-tourism, look no further as Switzerland dives into sustainable travel Claudio Zemp knows what the market for travel is in search for.“We feel that the pandemic has increased the desire for authenticity, proximity to nature, and considerate consumption and we, as a country, have always taken great pride in doing this.” Sparking a movement within the industry, they focus on the long-term goal of sustainable travel and position Switzerland as a premier destination.

Switzerland Fruehling

Credit: Switzerland Tourism. Geerk

Switzerland Tourism is also promoting specifically to women-only travel groups. They have over 200 programs created and offered by women, for women, led by female tour guides out in the fresh air and open spaces of Switzerland. Zemp says that, “It is a project that has been launched from women within our company who have created this whole campaign.” A special promotion treks the 48 peaks in Switzerland with all female teams.

Some may ask themselves what places are great for travel after such a long time stuck at home? Switzerland is the answer, boasting cleanliness, safety, and organization that is reliable for travelers. Switzerland is ready for travel, and knows exactly how to accommodate travelers from North America. Zemp assures that, “Our cities are glorified villages…these are boutique towns. They are so small, they are so easy to manage. You do not have to go into a packed subway to get somewhere. You are often just really walking and walking in pedestrianized old towns.”

With a train system with the best landscape views and locals that speak English, travelers will have an easy time navigating Switzerland safely.