Zorbing, Sphering and Hydrozorbing: A Sense of Adventure

For adrenaline-seekers, Perthshire boasts some of the best waters for whitewater rafting in the UK. Another thrilling activity is sphering, a relative newcomer to the scene, which involves bouncing down hillsides inside a 12-foot inflatable ball. Also along the same lines as sphering are Zorbing and Hydrozorbing, both featured in the latest Great Escapades program. Zorbing accommodates two people, securely strapped inside a huge soft transparent plastic ball and sent hurtling down a hillside, while hydro-zorbing is when the ball is loaded with up to three people and 25 liters of water and rolled or more people. Situated on the edge of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the Morfa Bay Activity Centre is located just half a mile from the famous Pendine Sands. The center welcomes groups and can tailor-make an inclusive package of outdoor adventure activities to include hill walking, archery, coasteering (a cross between scrambling along the coastline, cliff jumping, climbing and swimming), mountain biking, gorge walking, caving and sand yachting, which involves package, which includes the Challenge by Choice high ropes adventure course followed by a half-day at Thorp Perrow Arboretum and The Falcons of Thorp Perrow, where they will enjoy a flying display at the bird of prey center with lots of audience participation. Lunch is available in the Aerial Extreme Caf

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