Steve Lima from G Adventures

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To help consumers feel more comfortable with getting back to travel, G Adventures has introduced a Travel With Confidence Plus Collection. It’s a series of 37 tours to unique destinations that have, to this point, experienced a lower level of COVID-19 outbreak. Destinations include Costa Rica, Morocco, Jordan and Iceland.

This new collection focuses on four areas:

  1. Smaller Group Sizes: Standard group sizes are 16 traditionally; however, these new trips carry a maximum of 12.
  2. All Private Transportation: Once passengers arrive in-destination, they will enjoy all private transportation exclusive for the group. No public buses, trains or rideshares to consider.
  3. My Own Room: All solo travelers have an option of reserving their own hotel room; G is now offering this program at 50% off standard rates.
  4. Clean & Hygiene: The firm is vetting every single hotel partner to help ensure a clean and hygenic experience for travelers.

Global Outreach

One of the benefits of being a global company is that G has various source markets around the world including the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia and the United States, plus 28 field offices worldwide. As the rate of recovery across the globe is different, the firm is experiencing strong activity from places like Canada and Australia.

Travel credits from cancelled trips, issued at 110% of the trip cost, are being combined with return-to-travel discounts averaging 15%, thus allowing customers to use credits towards excursions, transportation and the My Own Room program.

What’s Coming Up?

While G Adventures hasn’t created any new product for U.S. travel for this year, plans are underway to add inventory in the U.S., including expanded options in Hawaii, the national parks and Puerto Rico.

Giving Back to the Communities They Serve

One of G’s missions is changing people’s lives through travel. Lima explains, “We want our passengers to have an amazing time, but in the background, just below that layer, is our supply chain and we grade ourselves on that.” G created a ripple score based on how much of travelers’ funds stay in the local community. At any time you can look at G’s brochure or website to see how much of a trip is staying in the local community.

Through G’s Planterra philanthropic arm, impact funds have been created by reaching out to their community and travelers to help support the local community, including local guides that are out of work. This fund is supported by G with a matching grant.

Watch the end of the interview to learn about the “Book Your Bubble” program, designed exclusively for pre-formed groups.