Oak Alley

The South’s mountain ranges, endless plains, abundant harbors and magnificent rivers can all tell stories of our nation’s history. However, if walls in the historic homes could talk, what wonderful tales they might spin. From palatial plantations to humble cabins, so much of our culture can be seen and experienced. Each home is unique for its residents, its use and its place in our past.


Virginia’s presidential homes or its James River Plantations may come to mind first, but just off I-95 in Richmond two special houses welcome groups.

A visit to Agecroft Hall is a step into 15th century Europe. Built in England during the late 1600s, Agecroft was the home to the distinguished Langley and Dauntesey families. Upon falling into disrepair it was purchased at auction in 1925 by Richmonder Thomas C. Williams. He had it dismantled, crated, shipped across the Atlantic and reassembled in a Richmond neighborhood known as Windsor Farms. With authentic pieces from as early as 1485 to 1660, the Tudor estate brims with history.

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