For style, convenience and comfort, hit the slopes this year with the hottest new apparel. Here are some trend-setting products that may come in handy on your next skiing or snowboarding trip:

Ass Armor

Ass Armor offers tailbone protection that is short on the market. The snowboarding injury rate is almost double that of skiing and a quarter of all injuries occur to first-time riders. Ass Armor takes the form of a pair of shorts that is temperature-stable and offers high-performance impact protection. Suggested retail price: $89.99. (

Pakems Boots

Pakems are a line of lightweight (15 ounces) and compressible shoes designed to fit in your bag while you hit the slopes and quickly substitute for ski or snowboard boots. Pakems are offered in high tops or standard shoes and are available in different colors. Retail price: $60-$70; $12 carrier bag. (

Alpine ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

Alpine ThermaCELL Heated Insoles are engineered to keep your feet warm while avoiding sweating. They are remote-controlled, wireless, rechargeable and transferable from one boot/shoe to another. Retail price: $134.99. (

Peepsnake Scarf

Peepsnake scarves allow you to keep and protect your phone and other small belongings while you ski and snowboard. Take photos and video through the back window and store additional items (key, cash, tickets, lip balm or passport) in the pouch on the other end. Scarves are available in a range of different colors. Retail price: $45.95-$54. (

ColdAvenger Weather Mask

ColdAvenger masks humidify airways and keep you warm. By humidifying inhaled air, the ColdAvenger protects the lungs and keeps your core warmer. The ventilator keeps excess moisture away from skin while preventing goggle fog. A hidden nose wire provides a custom fit. Retail price: $49.95-$139.95. (

Hammacher Schlemmer Voice Communicating Ski Goggles

These goggles feature a built-in wireless intercom that allows you to speak with up to six like-equipped friends via a Bluetooth transceiver with a 1,600-foot range. You can also connect wirelessly to a smartphone for music or for automatic voice answering of incoming calls. The mirror-coated black lens blocks 100% of harmful UV rays, with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. Retail price: $299.95. (

−By Lauren Reiniger