There are so many beautiful RV locations for your group to experience. When deciding on the location for your next group trip, consider these RV parks.

One of the greatest delights of traveling in an RV is your freedom to explore various scenic locations with your living space in tow. Worrying about organizing lodging for your group becomes a thing of the past. Plus, you can often stop and stay much closer to the attractions you all want to enjoy. Along the way, you get to experience a road trip in greater comfort and with more space for supplies than those taking the journey in a car. Social distancing might keep us from traveling for now, but you can still plan the perfect trip for the next time you and your group are all together. As you start planning, keep in mind these incredible RV parks in the US you have to visit.

Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort

Located on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, this RV-friendly resort offers many amenities such as tennis courts, a dog park, laundry facilities, a pool, and a spa. There’s plenty to interest every member of your group, but the advantages don’t stop there. Hilton Head Island is home to a great beach, which is only a short distance from the resort. If your group wants to experience the ocean and biking trails set against a beautiful coastal backdrop, this is the destination to visit. It considers the needs of RVers and has 30- and 50-amp electrical hookups, as well as water and sewer hookups.

River’s Edge Resort RV Park

Named for its position adjacent to the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska, this RV park has all the hookups you might need as well as visitor showers, allowing your group to stay in comfort. You can explore the picturesque forested area on foot or by bicycle, and the park even offers transportation to the best local attractions. These include Pioneer Park, where you can see historic buildings a century old, and the Riverboat Discovery cruise. If you’re heading up to Alaska, just remember to stay on top of any winter maintenance your RV might need.

Split Mountain Campground

Split Mountain Campground is one of the most fascinating RV parks in the US you have to visit with your group. It sits right next to the Dinosaur National Monument stretching over Colorado and Utah’s state borders. The primary attraction here is the dinosaur bones visitors can see in the rock, dating back to 149 million years ago. For those in your group who want to explore the great outdoors, the park also offers trails for hikers through majestic stone canyons and rocky desert terrain. For those curious about the history of people who once lived in the region, guided ranger tours are also available. Your group can experience the ecosystem as it existed in ancient times.