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Marty Sarbey de Souto

I’ve often thought, “If people asked me to name a dozen top things I would do to ensure successful trips, even during an economic downturn, what would they be?” I could write and write, but if I had to synthesize everything I’ve learned in over 40 years of operating tours, here’s what I’d say:

• Start your trip plans early enough …. a one-year lead time is needed. You need the first three months to plan and book all services, cost the trip and get your promotional materials published. Then the next six months are needed to market and sell, and the last three months to finalize everything.

• Be sure to get all reservations in writing – that’s from each hotel, the airlines, receptive tour operators, and so forth – in short, from anyone who will be providing services for your group. Don’t go to press with just verbal confirmations.