Through creativity, ambition and plenty of hard work, these people have carved out a niche for themselves in the travel marketplace.

By witness of Leisure Group Travel’s “Rule Breakers” for 2015, it’s an exciting time to be in the group travel biz. Our collection of success stories focuses on men and women who are charting their own course thanks to a driving passion and unique business model.

Each of these planners represents a different sector of the business and come to us with a unique history, driven by their personality, ambition and business acumen…

The Rule Breakers

David Chait: Simplifying Online Group Travel

Jennifer Bohac: Texas A&M: Traveling Aggies

Julia Terwilleger: Evolution of Bank Travel Clubs

Joey Spellerberg: Next Gen Tour Operator

Kurt Kivell: Easy Riding

Brad Conner: Master Relationship Builder

Mary Cecchini: Living Big

Dan Andrew: Trademarking Great Tours

Numaan Akram: Rally Time

Evita Robinson: Modern Day Nomad

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