Premier Travel Media serves the group travel planner with a variety of print publications, websites and e-newsletters touching on all segments of the market, from student and sports to religious and reunions.

Where do you get your best ideas? Our team works tirelessly to answer that question, whether it’s the magazine you’re holding, the weekly InSite e-newsletter we publish each Friday or the variety of print guides, websites and e-newsletters we produce for the student, reunions, religious, ski and sports events vertical markets. Our objective is to “cover the industry” and we do this better than anyone else. With the support of some awesome advertising partners we’re also able to provide these resources to group travel planners at no charge.

Whether you’re charting the course of a senior group, planning a spiritual retreat, coordinating a high school band trip, navigating a family reunion, or organizing a ski weekend or sporting event, we have assembled a collection of experts to help you plot your course. Our no-nonsense, how-to content cuts through the clutter to focus on real issues planners face with actionable steps to lead you on a successful journey. Mixed with some really great destination articles, it’s a powerful one-two combination.

We operate independent websites and e-newsletters for each of our market sectors, and all of our resource guides are found on, along educational whitepapers, e-books and more. So if you’re seeking to hone your skills or looking to break into a new market, please visit at your convenience.

New Debuts

Early on in the game we recognized the power of the internet and have always strived to be the industry leader in this category. With a focus on innovation we’ve created beautiful, functional websites, responsive designs that cater to the growing mobile and tablet markets, and robust e-newsletters across six different sectors, while continually striving to expand our reach across the 10 sites we operate.

However, with the launch of the new last month, we’ve set the bar even higher. This site brings together our most advanced platform to date by delivering a fusion of the latest online technology and reader engagement concepts, steeped in a sleek design.

What does this mean for you?

  • With a third of our community consuming our content on a mobile device, it means that we deliver information seamlessly, regardless of where or when it is being viewed.
  • Our focus on reader engagement and actionable content gives you the tools to plan great group trips.
  • Our location-specific content delivery system means that you will have multiple ideas placed in front of you as you’re searching for specific destinations.
  • The deep integration of our other product lines, like and, provides sample trip ideas and supplier resources alongside great articles.
  • The reimagined digital edition of Leisure Group Travel Magazine puts the entire edition on your desktop.

And there is so much more. Too much to put in one column, so I invite you to visit the new and see for yourself.

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