Jeff Gayduk

Perhaps the greatest travel-themed motion picture ever, the 1987 release of Planes, Trains and Automobiles details the drama that two businessmen (Steve Martin and John Candy) incur trying to get home to Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday. When their plane is grounded in Kansas City, they feebly attempt to navigate home by hitching a ride, boarding a train, taking a not-too-flattering bus ride and finally inching into St. Louis, where they rent a car – which of course is a disaster all in itself.

With its lighthearted view of the travel and tourism infrastructure, great comedic actors and a solid 90 minutes of entertainment, this should be required viewing for anyone in the tourism industry. Also, as in any good humor there’s a bit of truth to it, as I recently experienced when renting a car in Orlando – but that’s a column for another edition.

Luckily your customers have you! And as your guidepost, we’re proud to launch our 4th Annual Group Itinerary Planning Guide. This year’s edition contains 45 sample trips, brought to you by leading destinations in North America. You will find throughout this edition that CVBs are putting their best sample trips in front of you, just in time for your 2012 planning.