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Marty Sarbey de Souto

Tour members need advice from tour planners on luggage weight/dimension guidelines and how to pack for the trip. While frequent travelers have some common-sense knowledge on what to bring and how much, others may not have a clue. In this column appearing in the August edition of Leisure Group Travel, Marty Sarbey de Souto recalls the person who arrived on a five-day hiking trip with five pairs of blue jeans and five different tops.
the woman planned on one set per day. The concept of color coordinating is one trick to simplify your travel wardrobe; the black and white system works for Marty.

She writes, “While we as leaders can’t have a crystal ball, we can all do some advance research as to what the weather may be, whether the included night of theater requires dressing up or if the captain’s welcome cocktail party onboard our cruise ship implies long dress or not.”