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Marty Sarbey de Souto

In these difficult economic times, maybe your usual trip participants just can’t muster the expenditure for a major trip. Yet, they may not wish to admit out loud that this year they just can’t afford it. You don’t want them to disappear from your travel program forever and you’re afraid if you cancel your bigger trip(s), you may never see them again.

Why not offer a yearly series of one-day trips? This way they can enroll in them one-by-one in accordance with their interests and their month-by-month budget. Perhaps one-day trips are already a part of your offerings. But perhaps they’re not, or you’d like some suggestions for some new ones.

Here are my suggestions for a dozen starters. I’m sure you’ll have your ideas for additional ones to add to the mix. Eleven are one-dayers; the last one is an overnighter.