Whether you hail from a blue state, red state or you’re in a red-white-and-blue state of mind, one thing’s apparent this election year – everyone’s vote counts.

While some are quick to voice their opinions about which candidate they’re rooting for, others are lying in the weeds – maybe with their head covered!

Here at Leisure Group Travel we need your opinion. Not on whom you’re voting for, but in our 2016 Group Intentions survey. Your feedback is important as we shape our editorial coverage for the coming years to reflect the interests and travel patterns of our readership.

We’re all aware of the changes that are happening in the market. It’s our goal to maintain our position as the voice of the group travel industry, but we need you to speak up in order for us to better understand what’s happening on a grass-roots level.

We included a hard copy of this survey in the August edition of the magazine. If you haven’t told us about your travel program and patterns, please return that paper copy to our office, or for faster access, visit www.leisuregrouptravel.com/group-intentions-survey and complete the short, five-minute questionnaire. Your response is due by October 15. Thanks in advance for helping us create a better magazine!

October marks a significant milestone at Leisure Group Travel as it’s the first time that we’ve dedicated an entire issue to women’s travel. I’m happy to boast that we’ve packed this edition with great editorial topics covering the sector. In this month’s Take 5 interview, Debra Asberry discusses some of the challenges she’s faced creating the largest women’s-only tour company in North America, Women Traveling Together.

Helping Women Power the Future is a cause very near and dear to us. This charity’s purpose is to empower Central American women by championing economic opportunity, human rights and environmental sustainability. The foundation is headed by Lance Harrell, who doubles as our Chief Development Officer.

Industry Spotlight shines bright on the only trade show series run exclusively by women, Spotlight Travel Network and their most recent successful event in beautiful Asheville, NC. Even our destination articles cover some traditional (shopping, spas) to non-traditional (golf) vacations designed exclusively for women. And this month’s guest columnist, Lisa Kasanicky, provides insight on women’s retreats. I hope you find some inspiration in one or more of these features.

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