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By Jason Paha

Twenty years ago (give or take), I stepped off my college campus for the final time as a student, poised to attack the workforce with the vigor college graduates are known for. Since then, I’ve experienced a multitude of highs and a litany of lows, mostly while laboring in the newspaper industry. But while my creative passion was often stoked, I never truly experienced the career fulfillment I craved.

Until now.

With former Leisure Group Travel Managing Editor Randy Mink graciously handing me the reigns as he embarks on a life of unceasing globetrotting, I’ve found my calling. Given I’m an avid traveler and a fan of the written word, having the opportunity to guide this publication into the future is something akin to a dream job.

Back when I was toiling in newsrooms, I longed for the chance to visit far-flung locales and describe my experiences to an attentive audience. Now, with LGT’s backing, I’ll do exactly that. Whether it’s chronicling street art in New York City, exploring the musical culture of Montana or quaffing copious amounts of liquor on the South American Wine Trail, the LGT staff and I will explore this planet’s many virtues and share our tales with you.

And in those moments when we aren’t on the road, our talented stable of writers (including Randy) will have their collective fingers on the pulse of the group travel industry, keeping you informed and entertained.

Under Randy’s guidance, LGT has taken you across the planet and given you a wealth of information about the latest trends in group travel. As you can see from this issue, that won’t change. Not only do we explore the majesties of New Zealand, we also take a closer look at the historic homes of Pennsylvania and delve into how museums are utilizing technology to enhance visitors’ experiences. And, of course, we offer an array of itineraries and Site InSpections that highlight exciting group travel destinations from coast to coast.

Someone once coined the phrase, “You never want to be the guy who replaces the guy” in reference to playing the role of the poor schlub who’s filling the shoes of an industry icon. Well, I’m doing exactly that. Following an award-winning journalist like Randy won’t be easy, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.