It’s hard to believe that Mall of America is 20 years old this year. To many of us, the mega-mall seems just as fresh as when it opened in 1992. Twenty years is a real milestone.

Spam Museum

A look at some other tourist favorites in Minnesota also reveals milestones worth observing. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

SPAM at 75. The Southern Minnesota town of Austin, home of the Hormel Foods meat-packing plant, will be in a festive frame of mind this year as it celebrates 75 years of the SPAM brand. Much of the hoopla will be across the street from the factory at the free-admission SPAM Museum, and Hormel will stage a community festival in July. In animated TV commercials you’ll see the brand’s first spokescharacter, Sir Can-A-Lot, as he crusades to “rescue the world from routine meals.”