Quaint little towns along the West Coast of the United States might look like a paradise, just as the macadamia nut plantations in Hawaii do, but where there is gorgeous views, great weather, and peace, so are there tourists. When you live in a beautiful location, tourism is always a factor, for good and bad. So how do you deal when you constantly have out-of-towners around? Here are some tips you can use to maintain your sanity even in high tourist season.

Simple Pros & Cons

People enjoy small towns, and touristy places for a host of reasons. The upside of living in one of these towns is the same attractions as the ones that lure the tourists. Theme parks, beaches, nature reserves and beautiful parks are at your fingertips all year round, and though they may get overcrowded at times, it’s worth the hassle of tourist season. A benefit of small towns is the local economy, as well as the community feel. If accommodations are in high demand, consider putting your home, or even guest room, on Airbnb.

On the downside, tourists can be rude, loud and disruptive. The desirability of the town also increases the value of property and the cost of living, which may make renting more practical, as many rentals can be found with private beach access or pools of their own. The summer crowds and influx of people in the summer months may sometimes give way to extreme lows in the winter in which work opportunities are scarce.


If you live in a town easily accessible by car, long weekends of any kind will see an influx of traffic on your roads. Labor Day, Memorial Day, any holiday that gives people an excuse to escape the city and their busy lives will have an impact on your town. Escape the hectic traffic of lost tourists, busy streets and crazy fan-fare with some prioritization of your weekly errands. For instance, many people grocery shop on Saturdays and Sundays, but on long weekends, the traffic will be heavier and even the grocery stores may be busier than usual. If your town has a healthy night life, and you usually enjoy dinner or a drink out of the house, visit an establishment best suited for locals, or refrain from evening events on busy weekends.


When you live in a town that is supported by tourists, patience is a must. People from all over the world visit, and when you are out and among them you are not only representing yourself, but the town you live in as well. That’s why patience is key when you speak and interact with tourists.

It’s sometimes difficult, but meditation can provide, or help you uncover your inner patience. If you’ve never meditated before, or feel it doesn’t work for you, Headspace is a comprehensive meditation service that takes the mystical aspect away and leaves you with a solid concrete idea of how meditation can improve your overall mood. This can come in handy when faced with a day full of tourists. Never forget that tourists are, by and large, people who appreciate your town.