Ice bars have traditionally been associated with colder destinations, and sometimes   part of an actual ice hotel.  But the concept has grown. No longer just in colder regions, ice bars can be found in larger cities throughout the world. Kept at cold temperatures to hinder melting, ice bars include ice sculptures and other formations throughout, as well as serving cocktails in glasses, usually made from clear ice. One of the newest taking the concept a step further is Magic Ice USVI. It includes an expansive, permanent ice gallery and is  located in downtown Charlotte Amalie, St.  Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

More about Magic Ice USVI located in  St. Thomas

Magic Ice USVI, which opened in January 2012,  provides spectacular varied sculptures and forms created from snow and ice. The entrance  faces the waterfront on Veterans Drive, and  the permanent gallery is located in a 10,000 square foot building with walls also made of transparent ice. Visitors don a warm “penguin coat” complete with a hood with fur on it, along with gloves and foot coverings while going through this sub-zero experience to  explore the ice art. And  they can enjoy sipping a drink  from a glass made of yes –  ice.

Spectacular Sculptures and World Class Art

The  “art below zero” included in Magic Ice USVI has been created by 16 artists from different parts of the world. These are famous  award winning artists who’ve taken part in numerous competitions, with expertise within the field of ice carving as well as other areas- sculpting in sand and stone.    The sculptures  made from shimmering Nordic ice include  underwater-themed displays,  and Norwegian history themed ones, along with the Ice Bar for guests to  enjoy. Also, every few months ice artists come to St. Thomas to create new sculptures for the gallery.

What’s included in admission to Magic Ice

The admission cost includes entrance to Magic Ice, warm protective clothing, foot coverings and gloves and one drink served at the ice bar as well as 1 glass with the Magic Ice logo on it as a souvenir. Best described as an inspirational and educational experience, Magic Ice USVI can be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

For More Information on Magic Ice USVI

If  St. Thomas happens to be one of the ports included in an upcoming cruise for your group, you might want to consider visiting Magic Ice USVI.  They do provide special pricing for groups of 20 persons or more, and groups must be booked in advance.  The web site for  Magic Ice USVI is and for additional information, you can send an email to

It might be the first time your group has to think about donning some warm clothes while in St. Thomas, but  a fun experience, don’t you think?